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  1. Yeah, that's how I tried to split it. Things that will make fun games in a couple of weeks development, but even that doesn't shave many titles off. Quite a few have reasonable sounding goals for a gamejam cycle.
  2. The folks at r/Vive on reddit are getting a little excited about how a number of the PSVR launch titles are listed as "Play it first on Playstation" rather than truly exclusive like has been implied in the lead up to release. However, the entry for Psychonauts has no mention of any exclusivity at all. Is anybody in the know at Double fine able to confirm whether it's "Play it first on playstation" or a full exclusive? As a Psychonauts/Double Fine fan, Psychonauts 2 backer, and a Vive owner. It would be fantastic news if there's hope of it reaching the Vive eventually!
  3. Just finished it and want to say thanks to everybody at double fine for a great act! My feedback on the first half was that while the game looked great, had a fun story and great dialogue/music/sound but that it felt just a little too linear and unchallenging. This time around though everything was perfect, I got stuck a number of times but always knew what I was supposed to do. Other than that I don't really have much to say. Just that I hope now that you have the tech there will be more double fine adventure games in the future!
  4. Hopefully this is only a minor thing to fix, but I find the camera to feel a little too restricted. My main issue is the invisible walls that restrict camera movement, ideally I'd like to be able to centre my camera on any non-fogged tile that a character could move to, but things such as the top edge of a level stop you from scrolling there. Also, I had to look at the game options to find the camera orbit keys, would be nice if there ui elements for it perhaps with tooltips to tell new players the keys!
  5. I completed it in 3 hours (according to steam) and didn't get stuck :< I definitely enjoyed the game, and if Act 2 is of equal length to the first half, I think I'd consider it reasonably good value for money for the story alone. However, at the same time I think the puzzles were a little on the easy/obvious side. They were often get X (which in some cases were literally just given to you) -> use on Y = entire puzzle complete. Older adventure games I enjoyed too a more tree-like approach where you had to solve a lot of branches that may not seem obviously related at first, the hamster puzzle of day of the tentacle is a great example of this converging tree design. I guess the question is whether we wanted to be told an interactive story or if we wanted to be challenged. Broken Age definitely delivers in story telling, Shay's chapter was especially funny and memorable for me. But when it comes to challenge, it was a bit too easy. Is that intentional? Was the first act intended to get people back in to the adventure genre? Will act 2 be more challenging? I definitely hope so, but again I can see it being somewhat enjoyable anyway! Art - 10/10 Dialogue - 10/10 Sound/Voice - 10/10 Puzzles - 6/10
  6. I'd like to give my money away too! As a programmer this concept blew my mind in how it could blur the boundaries between entertainment and education. One thing I would like to see is some form of level editor or simple to edit level format that backers could play around with creating their own puzzles. I imagine one of the challenges facing double fine is creating a game that is fun for both people who have never programmed in their lives and their obvious target audience of programmers. From a design standpoint this immediately makes me think of having multiple layers to the game. Perhaps a novice could complete the game in a somewhat guided fashion where every new puzzle has a nice breadcrumb trail towards the solution (you got a new ability, using that new ability gets lets you get past a certain enemy). But at the same time there's a deeper set of puzzles for the more adept, where if you go back to the first dungeon with the abilities you picked up by completing the 3rd you can open some secret door that gave you a cryptic message the first time you encountered it, and that leads to a hint towards another "adept" puzzle somewhere else in the world. But regardless, I'm sure there are a number of developers that would love to get involved in creating puzzles! If I could pre-order I would, and if I could contribute I would!
  7. So glad to hear it, this game was the reason I picked up the Amnesia bundle! Let the waiting for release begin!
  8. On the grounds that there's no agreement on which button people hit first, I think it would be nice if there was a confirmation dialogue before skipping the scene.
  9. Alternate history where the Greek Empire became as expansive as the Roman Empire but did not fall apart and achieves space flight by 1,000ad. This sparks the interest of an alien race of "ming the merciless" evil geniuses that try to conquer the earth by creating the Greeks greatest enemies, leaving the protagonist to fight through scifi interpretations of Greek myths to save the world from the Minglords.
  10. If this is a from scratch engine write which avoids propriety licences it would be very neat if the engine got released as open source. However, I guess creative commons assets would depend on whether they intend to sell copies when it's finished since engine + assets = full game. Personally I can't see how open sourcing the engine could really hurt though, sure they technically give away a ton of work for free, but at the same time they'll (hopefully) inspire people to create their own games and definitely receive a ton of support from developers patching bugs and adding features. Thus saving support costs and potentially rekindling interest from publishers to fund adventure games.
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