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  1. Would also like to know the answer to this. Wondering whether to uninstall all the Doublefine games I have. When iOS went 64bit we lost Dropchord, but the adventures are still available, so presumably there must be a 64bit codebase somewhere?
  2. Ah, that's what this issue is! Been looking for a a Mac bugs thread to report it in, but that might well be the cause. I also can't see my candy balance when looking at the stamp stand menu. I'm using Mountain Lion on a Mid 2012 (HD4000) MacBook Pro.
  3. Two hands on the controller and one on the keyboard doesn't sound terribly practical either! I recognise this is probably something of a minority interest, but it is frustrating. Thanks for looking into it.
  4. Without being able to bind anything to the trigger buttons, that would mean being stuck playing the game with only one Psy power.
  5. It's a 360 wireless controller (official Microsoft one) with the Tattiebogle driver 0.12.
  6. Controller support still doesn't seem to be working correctly. I'm getting no vibration when using the dowsing rod, the default button mappings are batshit insane, and it appears to be impossible to bind anything to the left or right triggers. It'd be nice too, both on Mac and on Windows, to have proper display of controller buttons in the UI.
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