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  1. Arco

    What if it Sucks?

    If it sucked(and, judging by all the games they've put out, I don't think Double Fine is capable of making a bad game), I'd still play the hell out of it and beat it, and then feel good that I contributed to something that's basically changing the face of game development forever. I donated for the possibility of playing a new Schafer point-n-click AS WELL AS an investment in the FUTURE OF GAMING OVERALL!
  2. Wasteland 2, but I haven't been looking around for others.
  3. 2D for maximum artistry without the translation to 3D having the chance to 'ruin' it. Not saying it will, cause Double Fine has fantastic modelers, but I've yet to play a game that had 3D art that totally matched the 2D concept art.
  4. Dreamfall Syberia Gemini Rue Scratches (TERRIFYING GAME, JESUS) Dark Fall series Machinarium among others I'm not thinkin' of, but yeah, play Scratches, guys. Excellent Point & Click in its own right and damn scary. and I'll second fork with To the Moon, played that recently and HNNNGGG MY HEART.
  5. My first adventure game was "Journeyman Project Turbo!". It came with my first computer - a PB - some time in the mid 90's. Loved the atmosphere and the music(that part where you sit in a chair and change your walls into immersive settings was amazing to me!), but it's really quite a short game. Shortly after that, my dad had gotten a Sega CD and an obscure game called "Mansion of Hidden Souls" and that was the first time I realized how scary adventure games could be.
  6. I could really sit all day and think up old games I'd love to see remade with full developer control, but the ones that come to mind instantly are ... Arcanum II Arx Fatalis II (I'd also really like to see a new Ultima Underworld game but this'd be really close) Baldur's Gate III (doubt it'd ever happen due to the licensing requirements) System Shock 3 Call of Cthulhu 2 Dark Messiah of Might and Magic II Dreamweb 2 Dungeon Keeper 3 Hexen III Grim Fandango 2 Psychonauts 2 Blood 3 Lords of Magic II Planescape: AnothernamebecauseIwouldn'twantasequeljustanothergame (also doubtful) Rise of the Triad 2 (Apogee are still alive, aren't they?) Sacrifice 2 Vampire: The Masquerade game with the Troika devs (more licensing)
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