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  1. that pyschonauts video is interesting. but a "post mortem" is exactly what i've asked and meant to ask for, to see if anyone had access to one. i've done a bunch of googling and looking around and come up empty. so i thought perhaps someone on this forum would maybe have one on their hard drive. if you still arent sure what a post mortem is, click on the link to the gamasutra collection. post mortem's tend to be written in a way where they bullet-point out all the strengths/what went right while creating the game, then all the weaknesses/what went wrong when creating the game. and about the lucasarts book, like i said it doesnt seem to be available in print form yet. is there an electronic version of it available that i am unaware of?
  2. not all games get them, but a decent amount do. you can go to gamasutra.com and click on their postmortem part for some cool stuff. i plan on getting that lucasarts book, but its not released yet **lol, the guy above me beat me to it, and even included a link!
  3. a post mortem is basically a breakdown of how the production process went, written by someone who worked on the game. they usually come out a couple months after the game is shipped. a psychonauts post mortem might work, but i was really hoping for one of his lucasarts games.
  4. does anyone out there have access to any post-mortems on any schafer game? need for school and would be greatly appreciated.
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