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    Digital Artist/Student/Game Designer & Environment Artist
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    I'm a student for Masters in Games Design and the University of Central Lancashire in the UK. I am currently explore the use of in game environments and how they can be used to lead or become game-play (mainly looking at aesthetics and design psychology).
  1. @ KestralPi & Welp - I watch played through the commentary for Portal and Half Life 2 and there was quite a few thinks I could use in my research so thank you . @Azure - I have already done a lot of research on the matter but part of my Masters degree is about disseminating my research/knowledge and building on it through connections in the games industry as well as others. I am in the middle of contacting several designers (game and otherwise) for feedback on the subject. I have also done experiments on some of the things I have researched looking at this subject. Mainly watching on them play to see how they react and look at the environment but also to experiment with some of my ideas in making the environment the main mechanic. I have posted a few of these on my blog where I have also looked at some games also, but I'm a bit backlogged on stuff and haven't posted them all. The reason I'm separating the different sides is to get an understanding of what within this specific area (Environments) help guide players and how I can build on it and possibly make it easier or adapter it in a way that works better. Obviously, Level design is a big part of guidance but at the same time you could argue that its more towards game pacing and structure. I'm an Environment Artist by practice (with some background in design), so I'm doing this research to help me to become better in my field, and my personal reason for pushing towards Environments rather than any other area. Just as a note - I'm not just look for Games Designers, if there is anyone that has anything they see from games they play that frustrates them or you think has been done well in ways that seem similar, in fact if your from a field that might use methods that might be transferable. PLEASE let me know because that would be great and anything could help .
  2. Thanks, I watched through it but wasn't really much to do with what I am researching. They have purposely used a huge amount of UI to show what the player needs to do. Completely opposite of what I'm doing actually. They have looked at ways of making thinks easier for a player by plonking more stuff in front of them, which often makes games more confusing. But saying that its mainly because of the genre of the game.
  3. I'm researching all means of guidance really, that involves a games environment. My research has been into the ways game environments have been used. So looking at the use of them as a mechanic (becoming game-play) and guidance (leading game-play). I trying to get some research about the ways/techniques that practitioners (developers/designers in the industry) use/or have tried to guide players with an environment. My main research has been about aesthetics but I'm slightly veering towards design and its psychology. I will however look into these videos that from Valve they seem quite interesting. Thank you
  4. I'm not sure if this has any chance of working and getting to Tim at all, but I'll try. Seen as I can't seem to find any other way. So, could you, almighty Tim Of Legend, help a young hatchling games designer out. I'm a current Masters student at the University of Central Lancashire in the UK. I was wondering if you could share some of your glorious knowledge about the ways you guide player using environments within your games to help my research. I'm currently researching ways a games environment can guide or become game play. This is also with research into the psychology of design and how we humans among Legends understand environments in the real world. I want to find out if this can be used to help or push (my preferred method ) players into looking at the game environment for help/instruction rather than relying on on- screen instruction manuals. And if this gets to you thank you for taking your time to help me. Thank you Montee
  5. I believe a fix is in the last update not checked myself yet though
  6. Shays intro scene, when the alarm goes of and you click to get out of bed Shay's mouth stick in position for when he is sleeping (still animating for speech) but his body moves separate away from the sleeping position. It does fix itself after a few seconds. I tried to reproduce this to screenshot but didn't happen the next few time I started a new game with Shay.
  7. I noticed this in a few parts of the Cloud Colony sections mainly the area you mention as well as in certain location in the central square when it voomed in.
  8. Ohhh yeah and this also stop any use of control for Shay. Not been able to move him from the above position since it happened.
  9. Yeah same here. I was in Cloud Colony. I had just knocked F'ther out with the golden egg. I had a peach, the ladder and the too big cloud shoes in the inventory. I got stuck on what to do next so thought I would change over to have a look at Shay then went straight to the start of Vella's story. However to try and get it back, I made a new save point then exited to main menu, pressed continue and it started me up with Shay. Then went to try changing over to Vella again and it started Shays story line again but with another little bug of him not being in bed. Instead he was stood up on the bottom of his bed in idle. Can't seem to progress on either side without this happening when switching. Bed Bug ( ;P ):
  10. I never even realised about the custom charges aswell ... God Darn it!! Hope DF will sort that out before the ship the goodies!!
  11. I would say sureal... I think you get some better ideas out of a wacky and strange world.
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