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  1. If I pledge enough to receive a physical copy and I add the extra money for a ps4 version does that mean I will receive a physical ps4 copy? I don't like playing my games on pc and I really hate backing a game just to help but then having to buy a full price console version when it eventually comes out.
  2. Where can I get one of the 2HB hoodies everyone is wearing in this episode?
  3. D is my favorite. She seems like a person that was raised to understand her place in the world. I also like the length of her dress. I think someone that was raised to be sacrificed wouldn't put much effort into increasing their sex appeal like in some of the pics that are showing a lot of leg.... Especially L where there are even stockings, the sexiest of sexy clothing.
  4. In a world of assemblage art. See www.neilclarkwork.com for examples. Inside an anatomy textbook with many illustrations. I always liked the clear acetate pages with the different bodily systems on each. A kayaking level. In all the games I've ever played, I've never seen it done. A macro area. The macro world is just as amazing as outer space. Look for books like "nano nature" by Richard jones. I really love concept art. I get special edition game sets just for the art books. It wound be cool to have a level set in a concept art area where the hero would have to refine or change the art in some way to actually make the level itself.
  5. I keep my sketchbook next to my bed. I get my best ideas when I'm at the terminus of sleep. Also, i make and bind my own journals. I bet Tim could use one! They are made with unlined paper though so may not be the best choice for writing. It's time I start rewarding my heroes instead of just thinking about it so I'll get to work on a handmade journal just for Tim!
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