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  1. I'm going to do the only reasonable thing - drop everything and play. Thanks again everyone
  2. It's been an absolute privilege getting a glimpse into the most wonderful people doing fantastic art these 3 years. Your crunches, sprints and all kinds of grind (not to mention passion - as cliche as it may be) are sincerely appreciated. I look forward to enjoying the game and documentary many times in the years to come. Thank you, A Backer.
  3. I'm all for letting it run in the wild. If anything it would be a fantastic tool for wannabe developers still in high school etc to see what (an admittedly exceptionally fantastic) game dev environment looks like. Not to mention all the press would boost sales and get ya'll beautiful more creative freedom! Which of course you're aware of Edit: This coming a $100+ tier backer.
  4. I'll just pitch in here as I've been meaning to for months. Every one of you at DF seem to be doing a fantastic job! All I see in the episodes is love for the Broken Age and the company. Which can as with anything we care about be expressed via stress at times. Really looking forward to playing the full game (my sister actually liked BA pt1 and she does not play video games!) whenever it's ready. Thanks for all the hard work - and know it's appreciated.
  5. Have you considered using Protein Powder in some of your smoothies? Unlike what it seems a lot of people think it's not in the same vein as steroids. It's kinda like milk powder but has more protein and is way tastier (Provided you get above average quality powder that doesn't contain sugar/sucralose/splenda). Albeit the guys in the movie didn't use it so I understand the hesitancy there. Also, ain't it neat that it isn't 200/300 years ago when something like this probably would've killed Tim? Yay for modern medicine! Hope to see your beautiful recovered face soon.
  6. - A place where you can enter into the scene of a photograph - A stone masons secret liar (like giant stone water slides but replace the water with gravel) - A world where everyone talks in rap battle and there is always a beat being laid down - Cleaning up after a party (possibly a squid party (or even a squid party in zero gravity O_o)) - Constant falling - More of a possible mechanic, but you'd be in an area with a quota of light and would have to say switch off a light to turn on another etc - A bar that didn't serve anything - A forum - Mash-ups of historical times and places or themes i.e. Ancient Roman Picasso painting - In a pineapple under the sea - A documentary team following you everywhere
  7. - Inside the human muscular system - An abstract rendition of a brain (i.e. what they're thinking about is present, memories could be blurred etc). - To the edge of the universe - Nostalgia as a place (i.e. everything is familiar and perfect) - Atomic level - FURNITURE STORE! - Cyber-funk (we're talking Bootsy Collins funk) - An alternate universe where everyone is the god of something (i.e. everyone has complete power over something random) - A stream of memories - The aftermath of an Ice level where everything is just wet - A world where everything that happens is from a famous scene in a movie or book - A digital clock-tower - A bouncy Castle - On the back of the Double Fine logo I might come back with more later..
  8. I'll be purchasing an Android in the near future, so Android gets my vote.
  9. Well given how wildly successful this game is bound to be, how about in the future in some DLC? Make like a random puzzle generator and have two people online race to finish it or something? Albeit I can imagine that being ridiculously annoying to make, but that's why they could do it post development. I agree, this game when released should be a single player experience as polished as it can be.
  10. While I agree that there shouldn't be any demanding or stuff of that nature from the backers, at least none that Double Fine listen to. I would not have a problem with them using an idea that someone put forward. It's not direct input but I don't see any reason why one person out of us nearly 90 thousand couldn't think of a great game mechanic that Double Fine found appropriate for their game?
  11. I'd be keen for the 90 minute movie (i.e. the edited beast they create) AND all/most of the raw footage (I don't need to see what types of coffee all of Double Fine drinks for example). The raw footage could be like a 'backer only' thing?
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