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  1. Possible Psychonauts Art Book?

    Psychonauts art book signed by Tim. Make it happen!
  2. I don't know if this would be the correct place to ask this, but I'd like the signed poster, however I can't spend $65 on the Brutal Legend set right now. In addition, I was planning on ordering the Psychonauts signed poster, so it'd be cool to be able to get both of them. Another cool idea would be to combine the Psychonauts signed poster and the Brutal Legend signed poster into one bundled package.
  3. no longer on xbox originals?

    I'm shocked that one of the best original Xbox games, and one of the most worthy of the $15 price, was pulled from Xbox Originals. That's just messed up. Anyways, I'd say just to look around and pick up a disc copy. Of course, the sad part is, though, you won't be supporting Double Fine by getting a used Xbox copy. Picking up a new, sealed copy can be pretty costly, as it runs $50 for a vanilla copy or $60 for a copy signed by Tim. However, it's always nice knowing that you'll be supporting a company that deserves the money, as it's quite known that Psychonauts didn't sell like it should've.
  4. The best Psychonauts has ever looked!

    That looks fantastic. I will be purchasing it off of Steam next week. The original Xbox version still looks pretty stunning over component on the original Xbox or through HDMI on the Xbox 360.
  5. How often do you play Psychonauts?

    I usually complete Psychonauts around 2 times per year. It's one of those games that's endlessly replayable because it's so amazing.
  6. Psychonauts no longer available on Xbox Live Marketplace?

    I just noticed this. I hope it's not for good. I'm crossing my fingers that it was a mistake, or maybe, just perhaps, it's because they're planning for a high-definition remake.
  7. Psychonauts Easter Egg in Alice: Madness Returns

    Yeah, I was pretty surprised to see skeleton Raz. Madness Returns is right up there with Psychonauts as one of my favorite platformers.
  8. The Old Psychonauts Pre-Order gear

    Well, I pre-ordered Psychonauts and bought it at Gamestop on day one, yet I never received that awesome t-shirt. I still have my launch copy (Xbox), and it's still in mint condition.
  9. Fan Art!!!!

    Gameplay Trailer: It's a mech combat game, so think MechWarrior/MechAssault with a nice amount of humor. Very delicious, I'd say!
  10. New game: Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster (Kinect)

    Phew. I bet they were wetting themselves, wondering if you'd approve. It seems like you are, not them. <3 Btw, I am excited. Finally something new to play on the Kinect. I've bought every Double Fine game thus far, so this one won't be any different.
  11. New game: Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster (Kinect)

    I never expected Double Fine to do a licensed game, but I guess you have to pay the bills somehow, so I'm fine with this.
  12. STACKING now available for PSN and XBLA!!!

    Everyone needs to buy this game ASAP! Stacking is easily the best downloadable game to date. It's original and beautiful. Buy, buy, buy!
  13. Stacking is free for the month of Feb if you are a PS Plus member!!!

    Bingo. It's basically a rental and nothing more. I'd rather pay $15 and know it's mine even if I don't have PS+. Amazing game.
  14. Yes, thank you so much to the cool people at Double Fine. Stacking is top notch. Easily my favorite downloadable game to date. Awesome job!
  15. What genre will Costume Quest actually be?

    I'm still shocked that people think Double Fine screwed 'em with Brutal Legend. It was known since 2007 that Brutal Legend had a heavy focus on RTS management. I remember the Game Informer cover story quite clearly.