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  1. First of all congratulation and thanks to everyone, literally everyone, involved in this project. I hope this game will get the recognition (and the sales!) that it deserves. It's not a perfect game, but it transpires love and passion and it's just a joy to experience. One question though: I didn't understand if, now that the first Act is out, the documentary will still go on or if this is the end of it
  2. Haven't basically posted since the start of the project, but i wanted to say 3 things: 1) This game is just a joy to play. The music, the visual design, the dialogues, the animations (absolutely brilliant!) and the characters...all remind me of why i love adventure games so much 2) Best. Cliffhanger. Ever. 3) I understand that Act 1 was supposed to be easier, but now for Act 2 please focus on making puzzles harder! The game almost played itself, only once i got stuck and managed to experience that magic AH-HA! moment Thanks again, between this and The Banner Saga i had a blast!
  3. I don't post at all here, since i just drop by for the usual updates from DF and 2PP, but i feel the need to share and help spread the thought of one of the creators of The Banner Saga (apologies if this had already been posted, i didn't see it linked or quoted anywhere), who in the last update of the project wrote down his thought about the matter. I do realize that this is part of a backers-only update but there are no information at all about the project itself, so i think it's ok to share if for the greater good I couldn't agree more, to be honest
  4. I don't want to start any drama, i'm just asking politely. I'm part of the project (even it sounds funny just saying it) so i'm asking details about it
  5. To be honest i don't understand why the Kickstarter funds are being used for shipping the rewards, shouldn't the company cover this with its own funds? If you had exactly $300.000 at the end of the KS campaign (not considering th 2PP share) it would've meant that you had way less than that to develop the game...was that already accounted for when you decided the amount of money to ask? Because it sounded like "ok we need $300.000 to develop the game" and not "ok we need $300.000 between developing the game and shipping rewards". Also i'm not enjoying too much the idea that maybe my money isn't going to be used to improve the game, but to ship some t-shirts Just to be clear: i love you guys, i love your games, i'd marry Tim etc etc etc (so maybe i can avoid hate messages), i just like to have a clear picture of the thing Thanks (and sorry for my english)!
  6. This forum is getting filled with a lot of dumb threads
  7. Been there, done that. This game is about bringing back an old style of games, not recycling content
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