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  1. Hey animator people. How do you feel about animating in San Francisco, are you all local or do any of you come from out of the country? Also, now you've had plenty of time to get used to the art style, what do you all think of the 2.5D style of animation in Maya, animating a 2D rig. Did any of you have any experience with this paper puppet style of animation before, or is this something you had to learn?
  2. Make sure to do something unique, creative, and from your own mind. Unfortunately, due to the law of Doctor Who's Parodoxes (paradi?), you can no longer do this, since the idea to do something from your own mind came from my mind. If you were to use my idea, it would create an infinite feedback loop of creative ideas and the world would be crushed under all the gorilla suits you used in the marketing campaign.
  3. Is there any chance of a phone app ever coming out to view the updates and things? At the moment I have to navigate to the forums and deal with a very terrible flash player plug-in which constantly resets and messes up in many interesting and annoying ways. I don't think iphones or lower powered androids even have any way of watching them at all. You could have the user log in with their forums account to restrict access to backers only. It wouldn't be a huge thing, but it'd be a relatively quick and easy way to provide more functionality and convenience to backers. Second talking point: Does anyone remember when people on forums used to talk in colours, Or With A "Typing Style", or even with bold, and italics, in a way to appear unique from others? Because I do, and that was terrible.
  4. Hey there. I was just wondering, completely out the blue, no relation to real life, what a person would have to do to get an internship at Double Fine next September. Maybe this person could make a little 3D/2D experimental animation after they've finished their portfolio site. But who would be the one reading it? Or the people reading it? Because I'd imagine it'd be bad form to talk about/to Tim Schafer for ten minutes, when it could be someone else who is reading it. I suppose the animation could be directed at Sir Double Fine, as I think Sir can be a gender neutral title. Of course this is all purely hypothetical and I am in no way looking to surprise you in a month or five with a cool animation involving 3D spinning heads transforming into 2D then transforming into various people at Double Fine. That would surely be absurd.
  5. -Sewer level -Underwater level -Overwater level -Big, blank, empty, white, space level of nothingness -Sewer level
  6. Just chiming in here with my incredibly well-thought out response and opinion: Yes.
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