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  1. This is getting ridiculous. It's like the Amnesia Fortnight (2012 I think) blurays that took more than a year to ship. Is there so much money that they need to work on those episodes so much time ? I get that they want the product to be polished but the game was released almost a year ago... You need to change your priorities and get this out of the door.
  2. No one has received it, no. Is it normal ? Not sure. I think this is taking really too much time.
  3. Excellent. That's the kind of updates we would have loved to receive all along
  4. Exactly. I even missed half of the amnesia fortnight because there wasn't even a notice that it would be available on YouTube instead of the Humble page as it was the case the for the previous AF. Then I went to Youtube. And there is no other place that I know of where I can download the videos (and we need a 3rd party tool).
  5. Yes, but they could monitor this topic as it seems it is the central topic where we wonder if those video will ever be available as download and as blu-ray. The communication about it as been less than acceptable.
  6. Speaking of eternity, don't you all have something else to do today than biching about the announcement ? No RPG players here ? Just kidding, I'm looking forward to replay part 1 and get to see the ending of the game.
  7. Not sure but I don't remember anything about a VHX code and a quick search in my Gmail box didn't find any result. [Edit] Nevermind, I found the info in the other topic: the code is on the Humble account page.
  8. Are subtitles planned ? (is it the "closed captionning" part ?) I guess the translation initiative that was started (and dropped) is completely dropped and we won't have anything else than English ?
  9. Make it public but only give the backers the superior versions (download + Full HD + side-quests...).
  10. Thanks for the updates. The delay was huge and I think the lack of communication was the most annoying for most of us.
  11. Thanks for the update. I don't think anyone is in a hurry (not after having waited for a year ) but we were quite left in the dark abouth those downloads. Knowing it has not been forgotten is good enough for now.
  12. Thanks for the update. What about the downloads ? Will there be an option to download the video otherwise than with a YouTube download plugin ?
  13. Yes. The daily videos were only available on YouTube while I expected them to pop on my Humble web page (as told by the confirmation mail) so I didn't see any video until the very end when I asked somewhere on the net. And the lack of communication is really disappointing. I doubt I'll pay anything for the next Amnesia Fortnight...
  14. Great news, thanks ! I am looking forward to play episode 1 again before playing this one. As other have said, please post in the update thread so that everyone can know
  15. Also, any news about video downloads ? Do we need to download them from YouTube with a plugin or are you going to release them on the bundle page once everything is cleaned up ?
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