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  1. Just finished Act 1, loved every minute of it! I'll admit I was a little skeptical at the beginning of this before I became a backer on kickstarter. You guys made an amazing game well beyond what I was expecting. Can't wait to back your future games! Grats Double Fine!!
  2. Not very impressed with the way the official game name was announced. To me it was like finding out a family member died on the 6 o'clock news. This is a big step and there should of been a project update video sent out, some people don't have time to keep up with the forums.
  3. This game looks great but ill never be able to experience it unless it comes out on Android or PC.
  4. I think we should keep it completely private behind closed doors with secret handshakes, passcodes, and bald bouncers. Let the public get a peek between people walking in and out.
  5. I backed because what could possibly go wrong?
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