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  1. I know a lot of people got upset at the idea what one player knows so does the other, but it didn't worry me at all and I have a possible reason why that might be. I'd interested to hear whether others think the same way or not. There are two ways to look at the avatar in a game. With one world-view you are the character: if it's a first-person shooter that is pretty much the only viewpoint possible. The other view is that you are an external force directing the character(s) not playing the role of the character themselves. That third-party view was how I grew up with text adventures where you type a command e.g.'kill the troll' and get the avatar replying 'I'm sorry, I don't know how to kill the troll'. In that situation I can't regard myself as the avatar unless I like talking to myself. I think some games can be looked at either way, but in Broken Age my view is third-person, I can see the characters walking around the screen. Sure they'll do what I want them to do (most of the time) but it's always me directing them and the things that I learn affect my actions directly rather than those of Shay or Vella. My suspicion is that a lot of people are regarding it much more as a first-person adventure in which case Shay learning something that then helps Vella breaks the illusion in a jarring manner, but that's not an illusion I had to begin with. Does that make any kind of sense? Oh, and yes, I enjoyed the game very much. Still need to go back and try for more of the achievements.
  2. It took me no time at all to find the pattern, though probably I was just lucky. I got the hint that I had to look on the ship so switched to Vella. I reckoned the pattern was likely to be in the junk room but as Vella was outside the control room I thought I'd try there first. Saw the pattern and switched back to Shay. The hardest part was that as I had no idea I was going to need to do multiple wiring puzzles I never wrote down the mapping from pins to symbols so there was a bit more trial and error than there should have been until I got it right. (In fact the only thing I wrote down during the entire game was the return to last location tune).
  3. I found that very entertaining, especially the last bit failing to get the door open. That door really is a pig, so I'm not surprised they failed but it was hilarious watching them try. I wouldn't recommend the video to anyone who hasn't played the game: there are too many spoilers for that. If you have played at least through Act 3 it probably doesn't spoil much more but that's a lot of the game.
  4. I couldn't find one so instead I just killed the app and restarted from the last save file.
  5. I'm playing the Time Traveller section and just switched characters from the Hillbilly in the past to the Time Traveller in the future. The Time Traveller fell through the floor of the cave and just kept on falling. I can switch back to the Hillbilly or Twins, so the game hasn't crashed as such, but whenever I go back to the Time Traveller she's just falling, falling, ... Nexus 5 Android 4.4.2
  6. Wow, this is exciting. Not the game (it's still downloading), but the password reset dance I had to go through for my Steam account. Numerous 'prove you're a human' captchas and three confirmation emails (confirm email, password reset code, confirm computer) later I finally got through. I just hope Broken Age is easier to play than the Steam login game.
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