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  1. Buddy Budha - Think jolly fat hippy in a robe with prayer beads. Attacks: Turn The Other Cheek (a mighty smack upside the head), The Wheel of Karma (cartwheels into the baddies) and Enlightenment (flashes bright to stun the baddies). Why? Because every good superhero universe needs a god or two. His nemesis: Media Mogul - A Troll stuffed into a business suit, carrying a tablet computer. He plans to take over the world by enslaving a miserable humanity through viral social media campaigns, forum antagony and underhanded SEO tactics. To achieve this his minions attack cable companies, soda factories and kidnap celebrities.
  2. Loving it so far! Kudos on a fun little game, well worth the price of the coin doubler. Music is awesome, art is endearing, the writing is pretty funny too Here's some feedback: * Overall the UX is a bit janky. Buttons highlight but don't activate on occasion. They need tapping again to actually do something? * The list box UX style in general is terribly janky: scroll states unremembered when you go back, taps getting ignored, inconsistent design, tiny cancel boxes, rough kinetic scrolling, etc. It just doesn't feel good. * The roster select screen makes no sense. Highlights & checkmarks? It often just plain doesn't work either, and when it doesn't there's zero feedback as to why. I'm pretty certain that if I send active heroes to a delegate battle, I can't actually pull in the inactives to work in the base. That seems... broken. * In general, there's little to no negative feedback, as in explanations for why things aren't operable. * You could really use a few UI transition anims to go between screens to really make things feel slick. Even if they just slid up and down like cards to replace each other, it'd make everything feel smoother. That's polish stuff that I feel detracts a lot from the current experience. Aside from that, the smaller things: * I can see how you needed to limit to 4 heroes at base to prevent the middle of the game from taking 3 minutes on account of having too much staff working in parallel. I'd like to see you instead balance the pressure of needing to keep heroes in action against this though, so that at some point you could plausibly have everyone around for a big office party as a reward. * Can we delegate the rescue missions please? They're cool to watch now and then, but they're the least interactive, and you quickly hit 100% on them anyway. * I would like to see some more rewards for, and some more pressure on, our poor long suffering, titular middle manager. How come his office doesn't come with upgrades? Also, can I name him? * It would be nice to see some inter hero strife to spice things up. Nothing like a little office drama to keep things lively. * To make office work more relevant, I'd like to see more in game economy. More plates to spin. Fuel for the rapid response jet? Various bits of energy to keep the heroes powered up and buffed: food, batteries, interdimensional syphons, PR appearances. You know, like morale but with different production and different bonuses. And then big ticket dreaming: * How about expanding the game with detective minigames? Get clues from the missions that you have to work on at base to unlock the next set of missions. Opens up a whole set of rooms, upgrades, and interactive segments. * A paperdoll hero creator to roll your own toon. * Rival agencies! * Nemeses: tie specific mission chains to heroes rather than locations. Bottom line: I could keep prattling forever because it turns out I really love the concept and what I've played so far. I really hope you guys run with this long term, but If not, thanks for the fun I've already had!
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