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  1. 9 times the budget of a tiny game. They're still working on a freaking tiny budget, $3mil is about one quarter of the average AAA game. That would be like trying to own a house, and a car payment on less than 10K a year.
  2. Is this plan only for Steam? I mean I was planning on buying another copy for iOS, so if you release the first part on there, then I would totally buy it, and part two to help the game out! PS this means I personally am totally fine with the game being cut in two parts if it isn't actually changing the game's story/design. Just don't go Peter Jackson on me and announce a third part.
  3. As long as there is a prompt for it, I think Esc would be the most natural. Otherwise one might hit it too many times and bring up the menu screen
  4. Very fascinating stuff. I only grasped the basics of what you wrote out, which kinda blows my mind, because of all the work that goes on in behind what was described. The other part that was of interest was the many formats to code for Android, which makes the whole 'platform of anarchy' make even more sense, and why many people don't feel up to delving into programming for it. So thank you for diverting a little of your time in an attempt to explain the goings on to us plebeian's.
  5. With Tim's explanation of Broken Age, it's starting to have it's appeal. Though maybe it should have something amended on the end? Like 'The Broken Age: Two Worlds'?
  6. iOS was one of the platforms confirmed in the Kickstarter, so we're definitely doing it! Sweet! I guess I missed that somewhere along the line, will be buying a second copy then.
  7. I'm not sold on any of the names, but 'Worlds Apart' I think is most apt, based on the description given. In part because of the obvious in that they are worlds apart, and in the subtle irony that their lives are more similar then meets the eye. So while Worlds Apart wouldn't be my final choice, I think a title based around that idea would be best. Though The Divide does have some good points too, not so much on their lives apart, but the choice to go against the grain. The divide of the ordinary from the extraordinary.
  8. Sweet, I don't know if you guys are looking to release it on iOS or not, but I would happily buy a second copy on that to help support you guys after the game's release(you know, the whole getting a profit from the game part).
  9. What about pins? I'd spend some more money towards the project to get a collection of a few more pins.
  10. Black Lake is a definite buy. White Birch looked great, and with time to clean it up it would play great, so a definite buy. Autonomous looked awesome, but the gameplay didn't interest me, so a maybe. And the other two games weren't very interesting to me
  11. An update to my previous initial impressions, now that I've played through the game: --Movement speed isn't a problem, just took more experimenting than my previous two minutes --Loved the atmosphere, graphics and the sound. Even for a prototype the foliage was extraordinary. --The hat was awesome(but there needs to be more shopka!) --The accordion holds a lot of promise, it would be interesting to use to create the dream state instead of it already having been willed into existence. --I'd love to see that as you heal creatures it unlocks certain powers, like adding smell and sound. --I think along with others I had a problem with the game in that the lantern wasn't needed, and ended up making you a hazard for bramble foxes. --Dream sequences are a little confusing, as it appears just the background parts of the dreams were damaged(and I thought looked quite normal within the dream), so having the damage standing out a little more, and having some of the foreground damaged as well could help. --No Baba Yaga
  12. Yeah I think the addition of a forced drop would be nice on the bridge puzzle.
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