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  1. This HD by rOmi is actually my work.
  2. This is actually fan art that I've made a couple of months ago Here is the link to a repaint of Sam & Max as well. Gotta ask the same question as people before me, is that a pic from the remastered version being shown now? It's the first I've seen with the verb UI.
  3. I repainted the Sam & Max office scene: Full version here:
  4. I added the GUI and some minor shading
  5. Now with Bernard in the scene.
  6. Tired of waiting for the remake of Day of The Tentacle I repainted the first room in 1080p. I will also add the character in the next week and the hi-res GUI.
  7. .

  8. Why Are You A Backer?

    Because I am an Monkey Island and Ron Gilbert and Tim Schafer fan! I LOVE adventure games. I am a game developer myself but I am still interested in seeing the documetary because I love your sense of humor!
  9. Why Did You Donate?

    I myself am a game developer and I donated because for me the best games ever made were Monkey Island 1, 2 and DoTT and I want to play such games again.