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  1. I expect something similar to Monkey Island Special Edition.
  2. Neither. I'm very satisfied with my PC, nextgen consoles are not offering something really new. The only piece of tech I'm excited for is the Oculus Rift.
  3. I trust in SEGA. He's publishing policy have been pretty good on PC/STEAM lately.
  4. Using STEAM Cloud would be enough to support saves across PC and MAC (even Linux in the future...)
  5. Definitely Light Grey. Is the color where letters and logo are more clear.
  6. I hope for a standard like this: http://www.teefury.com/size_chart.php
  7. An EXCLUSIVE TF2 item for backers?!??!! HELL YES!!! That would be sooooooo AWESOME!!!
  8. This can be done for the STEAM (PC/MAC) version aswell.
  9. The perfection is ALWAYS in the details.
  10. I want humour. I hope this is going to be a full comedy game. Exactly like Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, Grim Fandango and Psychonauts.
  11. Indeed. Pretty much how I would imagine the art style for the DFA.
  12. The ideal scenario would have two Spanish versions, that way everybody is happy. But in case this is not possible, I'm sorry but Spain have way better PC game sales than all latin America together, so you'll understand why so many games have ONLY one localization to Spanish (Spain).
  13. very very nice video. I'm already want more of them!! Indeed.
  14. I'm following this game since it was announced. I loved Machinarium and his new game looks very interesting so I'm waiting for Botanicula get a release on STEAM to buy it.
  15. I expect about 10-12 hours of gameplay. Not always more means better. 15 hours would be cool but 20 hours for an advenure game could be too much maybe.
  16. NO, no and NO. I can understand your concerns, but "neutral spanish" is more similar to latin spanish than Spanish from Spain so launch a game in Spain localized in neutral spanish and you'll have all the users and media very very angry, like already happened with Halo 2. Because neutral spanish doesn't sound like Spanish (from Spain) at all.
  17. I have just backed the Leisure Suit Larry remake.
  18. One of the things that I don't like of adventure games is how "static" feels nowadays. I mean, usually there's nothing happening around you when you are walking by. Everything is like stopped by time. For example, if I am in a city I want people walking and vehicles driving over the place. If I am in a forest I want trees moving by wind the sun casting shadows and animals appearing sometimes. I'm sure those details help involving the player and make the game more realistic. What do you think?
  19. I loved STEAM, I don't buy games on any other digital platform system, BUT a PC/MAC game to be succed NEEDS to be on as many stores as they can: GoG, Green Man Gaming, Impulse, Origin, GamersGate, GameFly and Desura at least. Even Double Fine should SELL the game DIRECTLY on their website. HumbleBundle guys can provide a very NICE and USEFUL widget.
  20. Different solutions and different gaming approach should be mandatory on any adventure game nowadays. In fact, different consequences according on what you choose should be included aswell. It feels more dynamic and interesting, and even add some replayability value.
  21. I've always hate the idea of companions. Looks like a forced character instead of encourage solitude. I only loved on some classic RPGs and Half Life 2 Episode One and Two.
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