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  1. Look more closely at the forest backgrounds in the original game. I guess because there are a lot of forest locations and they're meant to be quite confusing, a lot of the screens reuse pieces of eachother. Sometimes you will only notice half the screen changing. This is just more noticeable in the SE, and I'll be honest I didn't realise that about the original until after I'd played SE. But yes, that said, the MI special editions still suck. The best way to play that game nowadays is to use the talkie patch, imo.
  2. Okay, now my favorite name is "Frustratingly The Cut." Clearly the name should be "The Frustrating Cut". Then you can be all indie like The Stanley Parable guy.
  3. Here Oliver talks about monitoring people who are playing the game. Is this going to be restricted to the beta? If it's going to be in the main release, will it be opt-in/out or will we have no option at all?
  4. Well there's Double Fine's own website. GOG would be a very good idea, though.
  5. Just saying. I mean, there's no way that GOG selling new titles could possibly ever have any connection at all to the Double Fine Adventure, right? I mean, it's not like GOG is filled with adventure fans nope they all hate them yep. I don't even know why you'd want to sell the DFA on GOG. Sounds like a silly idea. Yep. Edit: derp. Of course GOG is connected to the GOG bone.
  6. By opening the code to the engine, nobody loses anything. There is just massive universal gain. Developers get a new toy to play with, ScummVM get a new engine to add support for and Double Fine gets oodles of love and attention. Double Fine do not have to support an engine release nor do anything with it other than bundling it in a tarball. The community will handle everything. Ideally, the compiled dfa.exe without any source changes should be able to play the DFA. The community will go on from there, guaranteed. In 10 years time, the DFA engine will be the best thing ever ever ever.
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