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  1. This is such a minor thing, and not really a complaint, but has anyone else noticed the pitch of Oozo the Clown's laugh is different on the remastered version? It's higher pitched, and I wonder if the sound is completely different altogether. This is in both the remastered and the "original" version when I press F1 to toggle. Again, it's not a complaint, but I'd love to know why this is. I thought they took the same sound effects and dialogue from the original game?
  2. The big boxes have not yet been sent out, because the physical version of the documentary is not yet complete. When it is complete and manufacturing is done, affected backers will be sent a survey for their most recent address and whatever other relevant information will be needed. I've also verified that the Google doc is still accessible. What is the error, verbatim, that it's giving you? Thank you for your quick reply! I'm happy that I'll be given the chance to update my address when it's completed. And by the way the Google Docs link now works
  3. Did these get sent out yet? I've moved ages ago since I backed this for over $100. I tried to contact you guys through Kickstarter and didn't get a reply. How can I change my address? Thank you! Yes I know there's a Google Docs link with date information but I get an error when I click that.
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