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  1. Oh, I had no idea I could listen with subtitles on! *is stupid!* That would have been so much easier. You know, I could have sworn that he said tuna gamblers at some point along with tuna canneries. Boyd is just... wtf. <3
  2. Amazing! I can't believe you've understood most of what he was saying! I just kept trying to crazy write/remember what he was saying as I was fast-typing it. Thanks for all the corrections! (I knew about the '68 thing, but I was too lazy to write the apostrophe. )
  3. Here you go guys! Sorry it took so long.. http://www.doublefine.com/news.php/forums/viewthread/1305/
  4. Sorry it took me like, 2 months to post this guys. I had completely forgotten D: Stupid life getting in the way. Anyway this is the fruits of my labour, sitting on my computer with the tv turned up and listening to Boyd talk for over an hour. TRying to write down stuff he hasn't said yet/remember what he's already said was hard. So I just kept writing. There might be something else he says but seriously, an hour was enough of listening to him SO WITHOUT FURTHER ADO, here you go! So each line he'll combine with another line. And it keeps going... ***************************************** let's just say for now that they.. made a deal back in 68 with.. in the ivory tower with a whole sack of lies if I know anything, I know they how long did they think they could hide that? no insubordination, right boss? right? who are really the pawns of the doctors back at the clinic the manager are controlled by and nobody seems to care they think the windows are tinted, but they aren't tinted nearly enough with the full blessings of and if they find out I know this stuff, I'm dead yeah, yeah listen to me, listen to me, listen to me pick who lives, who dies, what the football scores are going to be every week can I really be the only person who sees this? They should paint their garage doors the same as everyone elses, I mean, who do they think they're fooling? no no wait I mean.. in conjuction with.. ate a whole jar olives with and who wins? Them! Who loses? All of us. Hmm And i know they.. has been officially linked with the flouride producers! are sure as the nose on my face, I'm sure that won't stop visiting me! they chop, chop chop! but when that happens, they turn it into chocolate milk, and noone can tell the difference! have been living off the teat of the dairy industry they're digging away at the plastics someone has to get this information to the people wait, why did I say that? I mean, who do they think they're fooling? Hey don't worry about me, I'm the center. I'm the whole center, in fact. The 5 riches families in the country stole my theories and reprinted them incorrectly to discredit them the tuna canneries the lapbelt right under people's noses! the fire will start in menswear the manager in that boyband! with the backing of those eggheads in the ivory tower the intelligence community who, or well, whom? keep sparring with me pretty much control everything of course the milks got spiderwebs in it, taste it! but of course you know all this, because you're australian! the ice creams in the web, the web is in teh cream i scream you scream we all scream.. we all scream who are the puppetmasters of are not to be trusted! I have to stay focused the dairy industry foreign toymakers well maybe if I forget about the other part YOu know what I mean? amounts tendered? Yeah? It's like a cyclops with a million eyes! signed a secret treaty with have been fixing oil prices went to the prom with in order to monopolize know the truth no, no no no no distractions those bermuda triangle sharks righhht. assissinated the one man in their way this is ugly can i really be the only person who sees this? cough last specimen of the supervirus the suits the psychowhatsits are telling my location to the squirrels the infrastructure you think you could get this past me? I'm the guard! the pelicans you know my house is clean? I don't want to be a lead weight on the table you can pass it over the counter but that don't make it over the counter! and the little girl stuck her finger in the and saved all the windmills, but who does the little girl work for? I wonder if I'm on camera right now What am I crazy, of course I am! they obviously know the truth would dialing in from the optics bought votes to protect tuna gamblers exactly what nobody knows! who is the milkman? the media the cows i have to get rid of some of this stuff to keep down the rotundra why does that hydrant keep looking at me? the water supply and let's just say for know they oh the stupid crows!! that little fat kid with the bunny some sort of power the freaking hunchback girl who loves brains so much were digging away at the plastics because they want i've got the truth, it's tucked in my cheeks, and I'm going to eat it right now their cousin's brother got in bed with a clean burning perpetual energy source won't stop visiting me and then comes out of the wires over there and straight into my head with all these audio tricks the dogtrack regulars the whole sack of lies the meaty bit in the middle of this wonton, it's me! the housing committee is not going to like this you've got the skates but I've got the tea spitting on me all day the yam tenderizer that guy with the eyepatch shutup, shutup, shutup! something's got to give the rodeo clown cartelle anundo ha, I know what you're up to some sort of power, you know big oil oh no, it's happening again! spontaneous combustion! from the lsd tests! *************************************** Haha. Enjoy!
  5. Hey guys, total newb here. My boyfriend made me play Psychonauts and I loved it. I even listed to the Milkman ramble for 30 minutes to write down ALL HIS QUOTES (if anyone wants the list let me know. ) But I digres. I wanted to make a kickass fanart dedicated to my fav characters and one amazing game.. I hope you guys like it. http://www.signumfas.com/gallery/fanart/psychonautssmall.jpg POKEYLOPE 4 LYFE
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