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  1. Lol, I don't want to check it now. The kids have restarted the game for the 3rd or 4th time already.
  2. Well yeah, but that still doesn't fix how easy it is to wipe out the save file. It only prevents little ones from running the game when not logged in as a parent, or not already running the game. I've got small kids, and this is the only game I've experienced data loss on save games simply due to the ease of erasing the game. Other games make you at least go through a couple different menu screens. In my case, it's the 6yr old. Old enough to navigate through menus by recognition, but they don't really have any comprehension of the words in the menus.
  3. The "continue" and "new game" shouldn't both be in the main selection right at the start if there is only one save file. When you have small children, it's too easy for them to hit the new game option and kill your progress forever. Wouldn't be as big of an issue of the game didn't auto save almost immediately after hitting new game. There seems to be no recovering your progress after that menu option is chosen, all because of the auto-save.
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