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  1. Then main problem was that Tim's post was written assuming that the people reading it had backed and were following the development by watching the documentary. Once it leaked out onto the internet it was divorced from that context. I may be wrong, but I'm inclined to believe that a statement intended to be a press release for public consumption than just another piece of on-going informal communication with a self-selected community would have been very different
  2. I think this is a great question! If demons represent Time, then what weapon do we have against Time? I think of concepts like history, society, civilization, togetherness, knowledge, and peace. The kingdom uniting together, recording history, training the next wave, and ensuring future generations is their weapon against time itself. Still pretty abstract, but might be useful for theming. Like, your squad united together in battle and then recording that history of battle and training the next generation is how it further's the fight. Also, fruit. If the demons represent the destructive effects of time, which they do going from Brad's list, then the "weapon" against them would be the positive impact humans can have with time: discovery, knowledge, children. Which sort of ties into the systems that have been shown so far where subsequent generations of heroes, if managed correctly, will become more powerful than the preceeding ones.
  3. Some criticism has been fair, most has been off-base an unduly harsh but this backer is happy with the open communication from Double Fine and the direction you have chosen to go. Ultimately I want to play an awesome adventure game and if you feel this is the best way to deliver the most awesome game you can then you have my trust and support!
  4. "Gamers" as a collective have a worse attention span than a six year old on an epic sugar buzz. Assuming nothing happens to keep "the story" alive it'll be forgotten about this time next week.
  5. The thing that would REALLY hurt Double Fine is failing to deliver an excellent adventure game. And they're doing every in their power to prevent that. The quality of the product doesn't matter to publishers. If DF is a poorly managed company that puts out products that aren't successful enough to make up for this fact, then DF's days are numbered. If were as fickle as you seem to think Denis Dyack, Peter Molyneaux and god knows how many others would have been kicked to the long grass years ago. Budget overruns are pretty much par for the course and a case of "how much", "when" and "what for" rather than "if".
  6. It says that right there in his Grim Fandango notebook too. Also this was a great and interesting update.
  7. Esc. It's easy to remember where it is if you aren't a touch typer while also not being easy to press by accident.
  8. I dunno if just make a good game covers it because either way they go it could be a good game. In your standard RPG/SRPG the romantic pairing in storylines are just fluff not important to the game in the least but that just isn't true in this one. Here is what cuts to the core of the issue: we generally know how combat works, we don't know how classes, magic all the details are going to go or anything in the combat portion. We don't know how kingdoms are run or any of the details of the governance portion of the game is played. The one thing that we got specifics on and what they got 800k kickstarted into was the amazing core game mechanic - Royal families marry, permadeath at old age, creating offspring and raising them retiring your heroes, thus the multi-generational battle vs demons ensues. They say they don't want game details yet or stretch goals because they run the risk of not providing things that they promised but if they twist the core game mechanic to something very different to enable gay marriage because they didn't consider it in the design of the game, then I don't see how the game matches the core game mechanic that got everyone excited. I went from massive excitement to massive disappointment. I dunno I'll prolly check back in 20 days and see if everything else in the game is awesome enough to change my mind. What you just wrote is what my first sentence says but with more words...?
  9. *if* you were going to have religion then I like the approach POWDER took where worshiping different gods gave specific buffs/debuffs to attributes. However you also want to avoid layering too many mechanics on the game as it's better to have one really well polished idea than a whole bunch of half-baked ones.
  10. Go for it if it makes sense mechanically within the context of the game but DF shouldn't feel obliged to find a way to "force" it in a way that ends up being detrimental. Which is just a longer way of saying "just make a good game" One way of making room for both , I guess, if that's the way Brad wants to go, would be to give the option of giving a hero a Squire who would have a higher chance of producing a new hero with a lower (but still better) skill potential or coupling up heroes which would have a lower chance of producing a new hero with higher skill potential. Everything else can then be left up the individual persons imagination as to how they want to role play it.
  11. I think it's taking what's supposed to be a fun game mechanic way more seriously than it should be.
  12. This kind of sounds like what you might get if you smashed Crusader Kings and FF Tactics together, which sounds fupping awesome. :-)
  13. My copy arrived today and I was really impressed with it too. Good job to all involved
  14. For anybody wondering "Who is Nordic Games?" they are essentially JoWooD's new holding company after they went bankrupt.
  15. I really liked the teaser trailer and think the atmosphere of the game came across really well. I also liked the art style, well, I liked Bagels serious art before the Kickstarter was announced so I'm not exactly neutral on that! The message at the end was a really nice touch too. Looking forward to see what else Double Fine release about the game in the coming months. e: and of course their will be humor in the game! I'm not sure Tim Schafer has the ability to not be funny, but his games since DOTT have also been mature with well rounded stories rather than flat out comedies. Don't worry about it!
  16. The documentary is and has been very good, it's also been pretty clear that they are focusing on the human side rather than going into technical minutiae of development. Which I think is fair, as the forum posts did provide a good job of filling in those specific gaps for the people who were interested. However it would be nice if there were a few more of them, although I kind of figured that with the development going into a resource crunch that people have likely not had time to do them. I think a lot of the complaints could be headed off with a little more communication about what's going on. My 2c anyway.
  17. Voted for Bragging and Fighting because it would work very well on touchscreens and the idea is just off the wall, sounds like it would be hilarious and really play into Double Fine's strengths.
  18. Games I voted for:- Spacebase DF9: I've always enjoyed sim games and there aren't enough set in space! I also liked the idea of it being somewhere between a city building god game (like Sierra's Outpost) and a Sims's style game (which I've never enjoyed) where you build the city while having gameplay emerge from the (often) unpredictable interactions of the citzens (similar to Dwarf Fortress). Kaiju Piledriver: I was hooked immediately by the game concept in the short pitch video and was 80% sure I was going to vote for it by the time the pitch was over - who doesn't want to wreck a city as a rampaging B-movie monster? What made up the last 20% of the decision was the interaction with Brad on the forum where there was question + answers on his vision of a roguelike game. The white birch: It sounded like a game that I would want to play - from the pitch you are not only exploring the world you are also exploring the motivations of the character because the player doesn't know why the girl is in the forest or has to climb the tree but she does. Autonomous: First thing that grabbed me was the setting - there isn't many games which are set in a Running Man esque environment. The second thing was the mechanics - I liked the idea of being able to assemble robots from simple parts that you scavenge and "automating" them to perform tasks which allows you to progress to a goal. Games I didn't vote for but nearly did:- Milgrim: I liked the idea of being "bowser" and building levels for "mario" to beat, but just wasn't sure what type of game it was going to be and there wasn't a design brief to explain it better! E.g. I wasn't sure if this, essentially, a 2D tower defense game or something more. Hack n' Slash: Nearly voted for it and I thought the concept was a good one, I just wasn't sure if I wanted to play a game where you had to write code to progress. Bragging and Fighting: really liked the concept of the game, just not completely sold on the card game part as I've never been into collectible card games or mobile gaming (?). If there were similar mechanics to achieve the same thing without cards I would have voted for it. There also seemed to be huge potential to show off DFs strengths of writing and creativity through the dialogue and crazy "adventures". The Knockover: Again liked the idea but not so much the card game mechanics. I also don't play games on my phone / tablet so it isn't a game I would ever end up playing regardless of the concept. Echelon: Loved the concept and the design doc did a really god job of explaining the game mechanics which sounded (pun intended) really interesting. Ultimately I didn't vote because there wasn't really anything joining the various missions together other than "be the best", if Echelon came back with a narrative to hold the concepts and missions together and to give you the feeling of uncovering some vast hidden conspiracy [think Enemy of the State, or the mythos that come out of things like numbers stations] I would vote for it twice. Games I didn't vote for: Black Lake: The setting just never appealed to me. I'm not really much of an animal lover so saving woodland creatures from their nightmares just had no emotional connection with me. Silent but deadly: No connection at all with the game concept which seemed kind of crass and immature, like a one-joke flash game I might find on Newgrounds. Critterverse: Game mechanics / setting didn't appeal. I don't like collectible games like Pokemon. The Flock: Game concept never grabbed me. Never really wanted to be a flock of birds and the pitch didn't really change my mind on this. Bad Golf: Don't like golf games and don't like golf. Primordial Slime: This type of game saturates the PC market, while not a bad idea I don't need another one in my life. Flopulous: see Primordial Slime
  19. One of my favorite Roguelikes is POWDER which takes random items somewhere insane and beautiful. Where you can drink a blue potion in one playthrough and it grants you invulnerability and in the next it's a poison. Do you plan on having any similar mechanic where you aren't quite sure what effect doing something will have until you try it? I am also really digging the idea of rampaging around a city in a rubber monster suit!
  20. Double Fine Adventure Wasteland 2 Shadowrun Returns Carmageddon Project Eternity (as of ten minutes ago)
  21. Thanks for sharing this, it was interesting to see the thought process behind the editing!
  22. As with anything there tends to be silent majority who, at least appear to be, watching with interest at how the game evolves with a smaller number of very vocal people who either think every new revision is the Greatest Thing Ever or an Affront To All Mankind because they want the next evolution to be closer to their idea of perfection. Most people understand the concept of iterative design, more so in the case of the demographic who are likely to have found themselves in the position to back this game. Personally I find the art posts interesting particularly in seeing the steps between taking hand painted concept art and translating it into an asset which can be animated within the constraints of the technology. I'd be more shocked if there wasn't stages where things looked a little janky on the way from initial concept to the finished product. It is often that jankiness which is most interesting because it leads to some interesting discussion on why and then how it is fixed. Anyway... I've been largely impressed by documentary and level of access Double Fine have given so far and subjectively like the art style of the game and think the approaches taken to implement it have lots of potential so keep it up!
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