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  1. Fragmentation! Bah, but then you have to design for more than one screen size! Oliver, for designing for different sizes, did you guys just scale the game, but try to have the UI roughly the same size in inches? Or did you try to maintain aspect ratio on the game, or even something more over the top, such as having parts of the background that are only seen on wide screens? Can you post a random screen of the lowest resolution device + highest you're testing on? (And I would assume the least Android version required will be 2.2 or 2.1, 4.2+ would only be about 6% of devices, 90% of devices are 2.3+, and a lot of Google's new SDK's only require 2.2+)
  2. Nice to see the bugs! I think it also helps because people can see the obstacles in the way while creating a game- vs. them seeing no reason for it to take so long, since all they see is the final output. I haven't really seen many of the programming updates though when I check out the videos- would be nice to have a sub forum with them to find them easily
  3. I'm eagerly awaiting the release If you think about it as "a $3 million game"- it sounds like a lot, but then a lot of it goes to the kickstarter rewards. I felt like it was worth it, just to see a professional studio in action, and get some hints about how they actually go about making a game. Bonus: we get a new game- and if the story/ "feel" of the game is anything like the studio's previous games, that's a big bonus. Every major game double fine has released hasn't been a let down (aside from not releasing Brutal Legend for PC earlier ). I don't care for the name, and I'm not overly fond of the art style(It looks better with the refined characters- less boxy limbs, more detailed looking), but they are just superficial, compared to the actual final gameplay and story. And if you realize that the teaser trailer was completed way before the game is, they actually did a very good job giving an overview. And game development isn't easy- it's like creating a movie, you don't even see 100th of the work that goes into it. Even with the music in the teaser trailer, I wouldn't have known they actually recorded it with live instruments in a recording studio. I'm very happy with the kickstarter/DFA- all I would like is more posts on the technical development- things more geared towards other game developers But if they do a kickstarter for "Psychonauts 2", or "episodes", I'd happily like to take part in it!
  4. Whenever we see the monster with the wiggly arms it's "Family Guy's" commercial for "Wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man!" (low quality youtube link: )
  5. Saw this on Kickstarter's Facebook announcement today - didn't recognize the name. I like that the girl's style isn't so "stick figure like" as in the development videos. The trailer is really cool! But I don't care much for the name, although I understand it. "Broken Worlds", "Fractured Reality"..... or less likely "A time to kill"
  6. Ah, ok cool. Will it just uise lower resolution versions of the 6 textures, or instead use 1 larger resolution texture with more items on it? It's great to see these updates! Very informative!
  7. Just for clarification: "• Characters that are large, or do a lot of acting, will have separate textures for their face and for their body per angle. That means a main character, like Sacrifice Girl, will have 6 textures total (head and body for each of her three angles)." So does this mean she has a total of 6 2048x2048 sets of textures? If so, I'm curious how it all will be able to be loaded in memory at one time. For a much older android mytouch 3g, using more than 2 512x1024 textures massively slowed down the game, from a solid 30fps to 5fps.
  8. Awesome, thanks for posting this update! I really want to see more of the "guts" of the programming- bugs, things you tried- decided on, ect I use TexturePacker lots- and love it. I had the red thing happen too- but I think it was when I left them highlighted (to see the actual area of the alphas vs. spare area) was and had the red problem. I think you just don't get as good of "packing" when using the free version, but doesn't disable anything. Very cool!
  9. Looking good! I really like the information you're giving- longer posts even might be helpful? It's cool to see all the little steps going into it- I didn't even notice that the background trees/plants had been updated, just their animation. As they say- when you do it right, no one notices, when you do it wrong, everyone notices Also, some of the information- like programmatically adding blur to objects in the distance, due to needing to keep the details as you move closer was great to hear about! I wouldn't have thought of that- it's nice to see how much attention to detail there is, and how you're working through the problems (even if you already know how to do it, and are just telling us how it's done )
  10. A game with a boy and a girl? Aww..... I like the updates and am very interested in seeing the game developed! I do like adventure games too- Full throttle was one of my favorite games as a kid. Puzzles can be tricky (pun intended). Some of them are bad (click all over the screen in hopes of intersecting a less than visible object), or overly complicated (Of course, the rubber band, ice cream cone and the toilet paper roll make a nuclear bomb!), but they can be good when they actually make sense in regard to the current place in the story. Lost in Time was a pretty good adventure game with puzzles, where most didn't take too long to figure out, but they also made sense. I'll be most interested in the story, and humor. I think the humor in Monkey Island and Full throttle were some of the selling points.
  11. Awesome, can't wait for the first developer update! Would it be possible to get the "plan" posted before you guys start working on a sprint, and then the summary video/ outline of what is finished at the end of the time period (Every month or so)? I as interested in the game development procedure as I am in the game- I'd like to know how you guys work
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