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  1. Echo: It's going... all right. Aluminumticketperson: Yes, yes it is! I'm thinking of putting another one there, but I like that one, too...
  2. O hello gaiz. I'm the person who drew those... special arts. The rainbow and hooker Loboto ones. 8D I actually signed up here in 2007 but only posted like ten times. I think there's a thread with my art somewhere. But anyway, I'm ~vpf on deviantART. HI AGAIN.
  3. Hello, I'm looking for that "secret makeout fantasy" voiceclip that never made it to Milla's mind. I know that it exists in the game, and I'm wondering if someone with Psychonauts Explorer can pull it out of the depths of the game and convert it for me. That'd be super awesome. Thanks!
  4. French toast ROCKS. Though chicken and waffles are really good, too.
  5. Top hats are cool by themselves, but if the wrong person wears one, then they look... not so cool.
  6. Psychonauts! I need to play the others, but it just seems more... interesting to me.
  7. I'm with everyone who wants Psychonauts action figures. I'd be all for 'em.
  8. I didn't make all that much Psychonauts art (save for concept sketches of my own character), but I do have some relevant Loboto art that I'm sure many have seen, but perhaps some have not. Postasylum is probably the best pic I ever did, and I've never done anything close to this good since. ;_; I dunno, maybe one day I'll be all motivated again. Cinder is another Loboto-based art... I'm actually making these more serious than silly. Quick sketch of Loboto. Somehow, I got the style almost right. Becky and Jasper trade that I did. Oh, look, it's actually not Loboto art, but whatever. So there you have it. I haven't really done anything since.
  9. Gah, your stuff is awesome. :: sighs :: Must... improve... skills...
  10. I like the update site look, and I like these forums. Heeeey everybody.
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