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  1. 8 bit level A level inside a webcam, were backgrounds are video of real people doing normal stuff. The darkest timeline A dragon level (what could go wrong with DRAGONS) An office level, with chair, desk and stuff Reality (does it even exist ?) Cheese level Cherry level Chess level Chinese level Cheimatophobia level (works great in an Ice level) Cheiloschisis level (now i'm just getting random ch-words from the internet) Double Fine Action Forums board level Kickstarter level A Kick Level, were you don't have hands and you can only kick stuff A world without shrimps An Iceberg level A Gutenberg level 1D world A bee level A spelling bee level An old english level, everything is drinking tee and talking funny An old adventure game level were you encounter copyrigth aviodable parody of other adventure game classic characters like Guymoop Threepbosk
  2. They should, as we should be able to choose the language from the start of the game. I don't know about german translations, but italian translations are ,90% of the time, dreadful. Btw the problem is with the survey. In a survey with questions about your address and your shirt size, a question about your language implies that is something regarding the language of the game or the box you will receive. If there were two questions, one about your primary language and the second one in which language you want to receive your stuff, I would have had no problem answering the first one Italian and the second one English.
  3. Think about all the times we had to buy a "translated" version of a game because there is no way for us to buy the original one. With bad Voice Acting and simply wrong translations. Let us be selfish at least this time.
  4. Same here, just insert italian instead of german.
  5. Can't get nerdier than this: Felicia Day Google+ post
  6. No there should not be gemplay part based on old game. I'm all for references and in-jokes about past adventure games, but the game itself should be fresh and new.
  7. Are there really people taking this seriously ? Hmm.. then it's time to really start thinking about a Kickstarter for an adult oriented adventure. We should start a thread for the titles of the new XXX adventure game, usually those are the most fun part
  8. Looks like we need another poll. "Should the Double Fine Adventure depict graphic sexual acts?" They should open a new forum: "Double Fine Kickstarter XXX Adventure"
  9. We shouldn't have any say at all other than Double Fine Staff looking at the board and casually say: "That's a stupid Idea we should not do that."
  10. I'm swiss so, I have no idea ... probably Italian ...
  11. Cable channels like Showtime and HBO had huge success by putting nudity that didn't make sense at all in their TV shows, Why not Dobule Fine :roll:
  12. this baby needs way more attention! I love Sherlock Holmes. Thanks for posting about the project. I backed it (I'm really debating about whether to back a higher pledge to be able to write an article for the in-game newspaper. That sounds like it could be fun!) I missed that project. Thanks you for the hint ! And yes to Text Murphy without even thinking it twice.
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