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  1. Amazing documentary. It's amazing to see so many peoples reaction to the game was similar to my own. It was the first time in years where I was truly in awe of what was in front of me. Minecraft represents infinite creativity, it is just short of a blank page to which a player can write anything they want. I was also surprised to see what everyone has done with it, that computer was crazy! Thank you for the screening. Prepare to take my money.
  2. Learning!!! I try to avoid it typically, but I seem to enjoy it here... Hrmm...
  3. Now I am going to demand 1h long side-quests ALL the time. Damn this. And watching Tim play videogames is sometimes more fun than playing them. #MindBlown
  4. Yep. Keys locked in the house. Classic. Find open window. Window is too high. Find something to stand on. Window is jammed and cant fit. Find something to pry it open. Enter. WIN! This happens to me every morning at 8:40am. My life is hard.
  5. Wow. I understood most of that. Either you're an amazing teacher, or I should have been an engineer.
  6. Wow. What a fantastic story! I was not expecting a look into growing up in the USSR. And Kiev looks AMAZING
  7. There seems to be some patterns emerging from people's responses already. So ill throw in my 2c. I believe A-L are too sultry. The short skirt and narrow eyes make me feel like I'm looking at a character much older than 14. For example D, E, and J have a more adult look, rather than adolescent. They are amazing sketches, but they don't match what you were describing about the girl. N-S seem to be younger to me, a little more innocent and care-free. (Although being sacrificed would be quite the opposite of care-free).
  8. Wow. I am SO not an artist. Most of that went over my head.
  9. http://kotaku.com/5936747/the-kinect-may-be-saved-by-letting-people-make-out-with-themselves-on-camera Link has the video. Make out with yourself at 19:00 and dubstep is 32:00. Omg. Give me this game. Beers + This = Amazing.
  10. I know verbs have fallen out of favor, but I went back to the Monkey Island series and I didn't find them too bad. Maybe the early games went a bit overboard with verbs that were only used in a few puzzles. But most sequels found a good balance.
  11. ZBR (Zero Bug Release) is the term. It means there are Zero Bugs... that they want to fix. Towards the end of a product cycle when deadlines for release are fast approaching you begin to see more and more "WNF" or "Will Not Fix". That is a bug that exists, is acknowledge by the higher ups, but they decide it is not worth pushing back the release date or is too costly to fix. Hopefully when you are reaching this point those bugs are very minor or have very very low repro-rates. Other bug terms: "NAB" = Not A Bug. Also known as, "By Design". This is something that submitted as a bug "When I jump, stars fly out of my butt". But is actually intended by the designers. "Regression" = When a new build reaches the test department, the testers go back and check the bugs that the devs fixed. This is to make sure the bug is ACTUALLY fixed, or more commonly created NEW bugs. This is like Proof-Reading a draft, but for video games.
  12. I don't think that's likely to be true at all. At least, if the game really does only sell 100,000-odd copies (i.e. the backers plus a few more), it will be one of the biggest flops in the history of video games, surpassing even Grim Fandango. That's actually not true. A game's success or failure depends entirely on its actual budget and needs. A small indie game made by a couple of people working remotely can sell 30,000 units and be a huge success, and a game with a $50 million budget (and another $50 million on marketing) can sell a million units and be a crushing failure. Reds, of course, is somewhere in between there (although obviously a lot closer to the low end, since there's no big publisher deal involved.) In the case of Reds, we've already covered development costs--that was the point of the Kickstarter! So it is basically impossible for this game to be a flop. Of course it would be great to sell more units once the game is out, and it would also be great to be able to bring in some extra Slacker revenue and be able to hire another team member or two. So yeah, tell your friends! We really appreciate it. But even if that doesn't happen, we'll have had a game whose development costs were covered and that was developed without an intrusive publishing arrangement. Works for us! Yes, that was my thinking. One of the big hurdles after making a game is recouping development costs. In this case that is already done, so whatever comes next is gravy. It is important to remember this is also a niche product. It may not see sales in the millions, but I believe everyone at Double Fine would call this product a success, even this early.
  13. Interesting. Although I do sometimes enjoy the "No" explanations. Such as "A toaster in the bath would solve my problems, but it wont save the princess" Those "No"s often reveal some of the funniest dialogue.
  14. I think it is safe to assume that the two stories will intertwine in some way or another. Second, I believe Tim mentioned shifting between one and the other. What we dont know if its based on checkpoints or on-demand. If the case is on-demand then there has to be some sort of puzzle element, which would lead me to believe that changing something in one world would affect the other. That will be some crazy gameplay if it is the case, and something unique to this game.
  15. This is a very rare case then. Even though 3000 new backers is quite a bit, it pales in comparison to the amount of original backers. DF may see more sales after the project is released, but the the people most excited about it have all been included already. It is strange that DF already has all the money on the table. They can look at a bank statement and say "This is what we made on this game, and we can therefor spend this amount on its development." I imagine there will be some sales after the game is released. There are pry people who were interested, but wanted to see a product before committing money. Never before has a studio walked into a project and said "Hey, we are going to be THIS successful" and truly mean it.
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