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  1. Love the game despite it almost being unplayable (iPhone 3GS user here, yeah yeah I know *sniff*, its runs at 3-7 FPS (it seems) and heats up my phone - I want to upgrade for this game lol!), I'm just wondering like other "set it and forget it"-type games (Tiny Tower for example), when you train heroes can you turn off the game and they will still continue to do stuff? Because some skills take 20+ minutes to complete. Maybe its just my antique phone, but it just seems to pause the game. Not letting it play in sleep mode, or is that intended? Sorry, its hard for me to describe what I mean
  2. I'm wondering when this documentary is "finished" (as much as it can be), could it be brought to film festivals and maybe even be a contender for an Oscar? I don't know how they pick which films can get that reward. But it should be there. Also if I ever win the lotto, I'll back Psychonauts 2 and Brutal Legend 2.
  3. Not to sound like a complete DF fanboy, but I haven't played ANYTHING by them that I didn't like (I haven't played Once Upon A Monster or Action Theater). I would say the thing that I didn't really like have to do with Brutal Legend and Psychonauts. Psychonauts was a tad easy on the platforming side (I don't get WHY people complain about the Meat Circus...) and BL ended WAY to quickly for my taste. I would love if DF could buy the rights (if they don't already) and explore more of that universe. I would love a BL 2 with more added to the action RTS (which I loved.) So maybe lack of funds?
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