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  1. So, apparently this was shown at that 20th anniversary concert that I had no chance of ever seeing.
  2. So, what do you guys think about Homestar Runner turning 20 (or 5 in one legged dog years) this year?
  3. i found the dialogue to be pretty comic But, yeah, I rather liked Undertale. The writing, the characters and the music, everything was pretty great. Mind you, I could have done without Other than that, I really enjoyed this game and I'm glad I gave it a chance.
  4. Because Tim allowed the forums to have Comic Sans in the fonts feature but no Papyrus.
  5. Right, so I'll just stick to the game when I get the money and check out the film some other time when it's on Netflix or something.
  6. Nerd³ has played a bit of the movie tie-in game. X8BffOK3Uv8 Kind of odd that the game came out before the movies, but whatever. Hopefully I'm not going to miss out on much since I didn't pre-order and for some reason they decided to have a pre-order bonus weapon.
  7. And that's pretty much why I avoided their port of Gladiator when I heard about the problems. I guess it's just a good thing my PS2 still works.
  8. Does Steve Purcell remember Sam & Max? My guess is that he doesn't have much time to work on anything related to Sam & Max, what with working at Pixar and all. He posts Sam & Max stuff on his Facebook pretty often, though. I had no idea he was posting stuff on Facebook. I guess I'll have to go and check that out.
  9. So with Sean Pertwee as the third Doctor and the guy who played the first Doctor in An Adventure in Space and Time, now all we need is the second Doctor and we can have a new Three Doctors special.
  10. Even though Remolay is the best at everything, even he can't find something likable about Tim.
  11. The spoiler tag didn't work in my previous post on this thread. Probably his fault somehow. Yup, that definitely explains it.
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