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  1. Not sure how difficult this would be, I'm just sort of thinking out loud at this point. Might not even be a direction you'd want to take the game but I think given the classes and how they relate to various forms of labour, I'd like to see perhaps some sort of union formation that the player as the manager of the base would have to deal with. Also some levels of government as the base evolves over time and becomes a an operation beyond its original intention. Again, just thinking out loud, would be curious to see what others would think of this level of people management.
  2. Superharman

    Room ideas

    Yeah, I had a character complaining about the lack of windows and went to put some in only to find out that there weren't any so I can only assume that is coming.
  3. Superharman

    Room ideas

    Some more options related to crew quarters would be cool. As much as I like my current big room full of beds, some encouragement to build individual rooms (or doubles) and assigning them to specific crew would be cool. Also, offices for important individuals if rank comes into play, like a Captain's quarters or head mining office.
  4. I voted for a couple that made the top four but I'd rather talk about the ones that didn't make it... Echelon - Sounds like a genuinely cool and original game concept. To me this would be a game that demands the players attention and if it gets it right, you wouldn't want to stop. Also, the influences spoke to me. Bragging and Fighting - Again, a really cool and importantly, original idea. I kind of love the idea that you can get yourself into a lot of trouble by bragging too much. I'd really like to see the ways in which this idea could evolve into a full game, it reminds me a little of a Monty Python sketch where characters were constantly trying to one up each other. In fact, now that I brought that up, I only think of the bragging part as traditional in engine sequences and the fighting part as a Monty Python animation... Cloud Prix - It'd just be fun right? If you get the flying right and combine it with a really cool art style, I think you'd be left with a cool racing game like those mentioned as influences.
  5. This is the one that grabbed my attention almost immediately for what it's worth.
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