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  1. So i bought the game and straight after the unlock you jump in the water Problem is before i jump i can switch characters, when i jump off the screen stays zoomed out even though one charcter has jumped off BUT i cant switch characters to make the other 2 jump off Im probably being stupid but... EDIT: Found a way round it by jumping out of the water to the right and passing ghe ladders (even though i coudnt see the character), i them saved/quit and reloaded and the camera was them zoomed in on the character at the bottom. After unblocking the blockage puzzle (the two characters still on top warped down)
  2. Great episode Id feel that i would take a game of less scope than having to bring a publisher in i want the game to be all yours and a bit of mine I would happily pay some more to help that vision of the larger scope
  3. Seriously im happy to have paid my money for these videos alone, great work guys
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