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  1. I managed to enter the game. Just skip the logo by clicking on it and waiting for a few seconds in the main menu.
  2. I played the game for about 50 minutes. It's an amazing game so far. =) I saved and it crashes when I try to enter again. Sometimes crash before the main menu, sometimes after. It aslo crash when I try to load my game or start a new one. Since is a blocking bug is there something that I could do to help identifying it? Is there some log that help to know what happens? Best, Rafael
  3. Because I've always loved Adventure games. Despite of piracy here in Brazil and the expensive taxes I afford to buy some original games like Grim Fandango, Full Throttle and Monkey Island 3. Some of them I played a demo that came in a magazine with a cd-rom and I thought it was so great that I must play the whole game. And after two years traveling more than 330 miles every weekend to do my post graduation degree in game development I've finally found something that worth spending money at. A real documentary about game development making the games I love. I'm glad that you made all that money but please I would like to hear more about the development process and less about the money. =)
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