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  1. I really, really wanted to finish my playthrough without looking at hints. After all, I beat the game back in 1998 without cheating, and I was convinced I could do it again. Up until this point I had been stuck on a few things (sign in the woods, didn't pick up the can opener because his head wasn't obviously looking at it), but nothing like this - I had just spent the last hour in that sorry adventure-game-state where I said, "Screw it" and went around to EVERY character in every scene and tried every inventory item with everything them... and still, nothing. The part I was stuck at was trying to figure out how to get the tools from the bees. I knew they had tools. I knew the tools would be used by Glottis. And I knew the bees were having union troubles. But... that's it. After an hour of trying every item on every character and STILL not having made any progress I gave up. I went online and checked out a hint system. And man... I wish I could say the solution feels obvious - it does - but I really don't think I EVER would have figured that out, even with trying every item on everything. SPOILERS FOR BEE TOOLS PUZZLE You see, when trying every item on every character, I really don't think I ever would have thought to try and interact again with the patrons of the jazz club. And if I did try to interact with them, I probably wouldn't have thought to show them the note. In retrospect it all makes sense - HOWEVER, the key piece of information - that the bees were looking for the right words - was delivered to me once, two weeks ago (in real time) and never mentioned again. I totally forgot the bees were looking for the right words. That clue right there "word" would have been enough to point me in the right direction - but it never came up again and I really don't know if I ever would have figured it out. Still love the game. Still having a blast. But man... I wish I could have said I completed it without caving. What about you guys? What was the puzzle that broke you?
  2. I have no problem with it and am happy we have the original art. And this is coming from someone who uses a 21:9 monitor, which means I have the black bars of my monitor, then the side bars of the 16:9 remaster, then the square game - it's nested three times. Would have been nice if the side bars (art deco) of the remaster was scalable so it could extend out to a 21:9 screen, but no biggie.
  3. Yeah, these games were the first adventure games I ever had. I had played Transylvania on Apple II earlier at school, but Hugo's House of Horror's was the first one I ever had at home and the one where I really came to love the genre. They're not much in hindsight, but they were the first shareware games to really successfully copy the Sierra style. I only played Hugo 3. I think by that point I already owned Quest For Glory 1, so I'm not sure why I was turning to Hugo. I think I liked the colours and the simplicity of it. Did you have the full version of the game or the shareware? I remember playing it half a dozen times and each time I'd get to that damn boulder and it was blocking the way and I couldn't get past it... but in this video the boulder isn't even blocking the path. I assume it's because I had a shareware version. What's your memory of it?
  4. Anyone remember Hugo? I only had/played Hugo 3 and I remember I got stuck about one hour into the game and despite trying many times I couldn't get past it (I recall knowing what I had to do but it was typing it in correctly that was holding me back - just couldn't get the wording right, I think). EDIT Hah, I just now realized that I probably couldn't move that stupid boulder because I had the shareware version and it was blocking the path to keep me from proceeding. Hah!
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