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  1. The villagers will, at least, discover that out of the slain Mog Chothra has come a boy who keeps talking about space, a place they know nothing about.
  2. Alex lived his life inside a spaceship, sent out as the last survivor of his people. He was hacking the controls. His ship crashed, mostly hidden under the ground, and he found himself on a planet. Given that his ship is buried, he never figured out that his ship was one of the monsters those badasses are fighting, it crashed because they "killed" it, and he was never in space in the first place. Hopefully, he and Shay will talk and figure out that they're just different generations of the same program, whatever its true purpose. Meanwhile, Vella and Mom should have an interesting talk...
  3. That's a very good point. Shay may have a way to get past the snake, etc. Meanwhile, Vella will be in some familiar (although almost certainly changed environments as well as, potentially, some new ones.
  4. Unless there're already sidequests covering this (I admit, I haven't watched any sidequests), I'm hoping at some point we might learn more about what changed in the game as development progressed. Obviously spoiler policies have prevented the doc from exploring this, but until it does (if it does)... - Was Vella ever going to visit the Meriloft hatchery? - What was going to happen in between Meriloft and Shellmound, before the decision was made to reuse the lumberjack assets? - What is the deal with the territorial snake? It looks like a whole area is missing. - Was Shellmound ever more than a 2-location town? - In episode 14, they talk about repainting Mog Chothra because he has a much bigger role than the first time they painted him. Was a different Mog going to show up at each town originally? That has some weird implications for Shay's story (either less connections, or a shapeshifting Mog I guess) Those are just off the top of my head, and obviously Vella-centric (...because I just got around to finishing today, and had most of her story left). Your thoughts/additions?
  5. I just want to ignore all the lengthy discussion and say that this video is a great tribute to the classic Disney parallax camera demo film.
  6. Well, someone never played post-1990 Sierra. They only gave that sh!t up after 1990?! Talk about being late to the game. Got nothing against a good text driven game. It's the halfassedness of Sierras implementation I find appalling. I'm not going to make excuses for any intermediate period, but the Sierra games I grew up on were all mouse (save for a few arcade minigames, and even those had mouse support). I still haven't played the LucasArts adventures, but the 5-senses approach of the Sierra engine was pretty great; it seems like the verbs I've seen on the bottom of the screen of Monkey Island screenshots are a little too backwards in their text-based paradigm. Like you, nothing against text-driven games, but on the other hand having the ability to tell my character to try to eat or at least lick or smell things was pretty great in Sierra's world. If you haven't played one of them, I recommend Space Quest 4 or 5, or the remakes of 1 or 2 (which is fanmade and recent, admittedly), or Freddy Pharkus - Frontier Pharmacist.
  7. Well, someone never played post-1990 Sierra.
  8. This fits well with the idea of setting it in a furniture store.
  9. I gotta say, I didn't mind the frequent deaths of Sierra. Yes, it could be frustrating, but so can any game. Coming back to it later, it was generally funny.
  10. There was something incredibly memorable about the herd of stampeding snails in Freddy Pharkus. You really only saw a dust cloud, but the notion amused me considerably.
  11. Well then, let me make you smile again. I think the furniture store is great. There's potential for clientele-problems as a puzzle presenting mechanic, ala Freddy Pharkus, and the number of wardrobes, cabinets, bureaus, etc in the place combined with magic could yield some interesting gateways if necessary. Perhaps using portal-powers on certain pieces of furniture would yield not gateways to other worlds but gateways to the same world with certain changes, differences in physics, NPC personalities, etc. Other mechanics could be furniture building, feng shui arrangement, stacking/balancing, and store management problems.
  12. Confession: I've never played a LucasArts adventure game. I've pretty much only played Sierra (Space Quest series, Freddy Pharkus) & some of the Humongous things (just for kicks).
  13. Space Quest 1, VGA Remake thus my avatar My family played it together, and we didn't have internet, so when we got stuck my dad would have to use the internet at work to find out hints. It was a very memorable part of my elementary school experience.
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