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  1. Excuse me, but I think I don't understand what's happening. If I'm understanding correctly, we backers have been sold to this news site to bump up its traffic and increase its ad revenue. We no longer get information first, or first-hand. If the game is sent to press and certification this week, it means it is ready and will be sold in its current state, but we now have to wait a whole month because the retail partner and console publisher want a simultaneous release. Europe receives the game a day later for no reason at all, and the rest of the world probably so too, but isn't even mentioned. Wasn't the whole point of the project to avoid all of this?
  2. If you are using Privacy Badger, you must allow (yellow) vimeo.com and www. vimeo.com, and give unrestricted access (green) to video.vimeo.com, at least that's what worked for me.
  3. For those having trouble with videos: Privacy Badger was the culprit in my case. vimeo.com and www .vimeo.com need to be allowed (yellow) and video.vimeo.com unrestricted (green). I don't know what livepassdl.conviva.com is, I haven't noticed any downsides to blocking it. Incognito mode allows you to watch the video since all extensions are deactivated by default.
  4. I bought Hack 'n' Slash on the 11th through the Humble Store. I remember buying it through the store instead of the widget because the store advertised having a DRM-free version, with both the DRM-free icon and in writing. Since the download wasn't included, I immediately wrote an email to them. I'm still waiting for an answer.
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