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  1. Overall, I'm REALLY excited about this announcement. Beggars can't be choosers and I'm just glad that Grim Fandango is finally getting out of the IP hell that LucasArts left it in. If anything, this is the first really good news I've ever heard as a result of the LucasArts acquisition.

    Platform exclusivity sucks, but it's the nature of the beast. And clearly Sony is rather invested in this project precisely to get more folks onto the PS4. I doubt I'll replace my PS3 anytime soon, but Grim Fandango is definitely going to be a very compelling argument.

    I also don't think the exclusivity deal means no PC release. Console exclusivity deals tend to be a completely different beast on their own.

    Overall, congrats to the Double Fine team for pulling this off!

  2. First, great episode. It was fun to relive Backer Launch Day and Launch Day from the DF perspective.

    Second, for the documentary downloads, I see them on my Humble page, but it's raw download. Ugh. Is there a way to work with Humble Bundle to allow a BitTorrent download of the episodes? They're pretty meaty files (especially in HD) and so it would be a lot easier with that option. They normally allow this for the various Soundtrack offers they provide as part of their other bundles, so I'm pretty sure there must be a way to make this possible.

    Thanks and stay awesome guys.

  3. So we can reduce the number of security being called to a beacon in the hopes of getting them to exploring sooner. However that requires cycling through the entire range of security, so you're bound to go through 1, which makes the one guy waiting outside the airlock enter on his own. When you get to the number you wanted (e.g. 2), the guy who was in the airlock steps out just as the 2nd security guy gets in. And since security forces arrive one-by-one like weirdos, this sometimes sets up an infinite loop of each of them entering the airlock while another exits without any of them entering the derelict.

    Or is this just me? =P

  4. I've been able to compensate by creating multiple smaller O2 rooms (3x5 for 2 scrubbers only) throughout the base to sort of equalize things. This sort of works until derelicts and raiders come into play. There's a weird point in the distribution that having the scrubbers too spaced out sends the technicians crazy and they become total idiots at maintaining them. =(

  5. For some reason asteroids love to strike my residences, so folks are all asleep when they hit. I'm a little frustrated as to what I'm supposed to do here, but then again I've only started playing. Will installing alarms wake them up? Or do alarms only consider intruders as threats?

  6. I just started on Spacebase today and I've died a number of times as I've tried to better understand the O2 system. So yeah, the whole low oxygen thing is a major pain, especially once all my technicians get trapped in what becomes a wind tunnel pushing everyone into the room further. I tried forcing open doors from the more oxygen rich parts of the station (docked ships, etc) to at least get them out, but eventually it killed me yet again.

    Does this imply the game wants us to distribute O2 scrubbers around the base instead of creating special O2 rooms?

  7. I didn't get the fruit the first time around in Meriloft since I got so focused on the egg and the guy on the branch. I didn't really feel my attention drawn to the far end of the tree, although I was curious about the empty nest. My Adventure Game senses were tingling, but I didn't pursue.

    So it wasn't until I was in Shellmound that I figured it was worth the effort to go back up the ladder and look around. But man, that was rather frustrating.

  8. **SPOILERS**

    Since I played Shay initially, I was already blown away about the implication that Mom might actually formed from Vella's memories since she claimed she was the girl in the story. But when I switched back to Vella, we eventually enter the Dead Eye God's "temple"...with a very distinct love for hexagon panels!

    So many possibilities, plus the whole 14 year cycle of monsters. Cloning? Some sort of a tragic cycle? Is the Dead Eye God another Shay? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

    In other words, an amazing, amazing game.

  9. At the end of the day, many of us backers signed up for this Kickstarter to experience a Tim Schafer point-and-click adventure game. If that means waiting a bit longer for a truly great game, then it's worth the wait and certainly worth the initial Kickstarter investment.

    And if Act I leaves me feeling despondent and suicidal until Act II comes out, we'll still live because it'll be worth the wait.

    I have a lot of faith in Tim and the rest of the Double Fine team. If we're going to get this done right, we shouldn't cut corners and sacrifice quality.

  10. This was probably asked before but if so, the post seems to be buried. Thus apologies in advance.

    I know it's too late to change my initial Kickstarter pledge to accommodate physical rewards, but I was wondering if there's a way to increase my pledge to get access to digital rewards like the HD download of the entire documentary series? This was my very first Kickstarter pledge and I now sorely regret only going in for the minimum $15 tier to just get the game. If there's a way to increase to the tiers that give accesss to the HD download of the documentary or even the PDF of the artbook, I'd be totally happy to throw more money your way.

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