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  1. Ugh, so now I REALLY regret having not gone for the $30 tier. Then again, it was my very first Kickstarter project and I've change my investment behavior since then.
  2. Going open source for the game engine sounds like a great idea to me, if only to help promote the creation of MORE adventure games. Seriously, enough with the shooters already! We need to return to smarter puzzling adventure games!
  3. Great episode, even if it wasn't a "happy" one. Game development delays happen all the time - I mean come on, just look at Blizzard for the most obvious example. But what I like here (and what may help make this project and future Double Fine projects different) is the fact that we're all being kept in the loop. Whereas the big companies will give us vague announcements that "the game will be released next year" and change that to "will be delayed indefinitely" whereas here we have an opportunity for greater transparency. We all want a great game, and we're going to wait for that game to come to light. But it does help us from going crazy to know what's going on and why things are taking as long as they are as opposed to folks just ranting on Twitter or something. Hang in there, DFA team! We can do this!
  4. Can't help but chime in that I loved the documentary - best way of avoiding work bar none! Witnesses the creative process behind the game is indeed more than worth the money spent by all of us, I'm sure. Plus it pushes me to try and get my own creative writing back in gear. I'm afraid to dig up my own old notebooks though, har har!
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