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  1. Today I realized what I look like with my headphones on (~24min). I’ll stay away from the windows. Another great episode, good luck to the programmers for the next few months. Ship it!
  2. I’ll play the first act on release hoping it is memorable enough.
  3. I cannot call the navbot the printer-shredder anymore, he is more like a multiseat toilet paper dispenser now, but I still love it. Regarding the decision, please don’t go Half-life 2 Episode 2 on us. Anything less frustrating is fine.
  4. There was a nice post about this on the Frictional Games blog three years ago. $100.000 was 6 months for them, while underpaid.
  5. 'as well as give you an easy way to grab a copy'. This maybe. Sounds like a game that's not on gog or steam (yet).
  6. With a cute blonde rookie dentist who can't operate the chair, This almost makes you love fear,
  7. -> A living, moving mountain that you could butcher. -> A city stuck forever in a war disguised as a carnival. -> Dreams, deep down in the ocean, that get flooded as you wake up. Any place described in Serge Brussolo's books, -> A spider tea house. -> A post-office near a black hole. -> Belgium
  8. He is a fine gentleman. Doubly so.
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