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  1. FYI: Take the "s" out of "https" in the youtube link to make it embed on DFAF properly. ;-) TY ;-)
  2. First of a (Hopefully) new series. Any comments or corrections, please let me know in the comments. Cheers folks.
  3. Ill be brief here. Im running for charity.... I am fat... If you found that even slightly humorous, Please click my donation page and read the rest of my story as to why am doing it. And if instead of buying that Game on the Steam Sale that you will prolly never play, just donate what you can and say to yourself 'Yeah, that was was prolly the better thing to spend my money on.' http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-web/fundraiser/showFundraiserProfilePage.action?userUrl=MarcStafford Please at least take a look. Marc 'Shriven' Stafford.
  4. Wowzers, Thats a domination if ever I saw one. Ignore those IGN and Machinma poles. Bought out Sons 'o' bit***s.
  5. 'Inspired' by the thread http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/9553/ Here is a poll. Which console will you be getting? Be lovely if you were to give your reasons too.
  6. Having just had a tweet from Brad with his huge grin even attached to that, I wonder what creations the community can make to make ':D!' a new internet sensation! If anyone has ideas, make and link them! [photobucket][/photobucket]
  7. Replaying Crusader Kings II now. Ill post any more musings on the idea as/if I get them. If anyone has thoughts, please do share!
  8. Depends on the situation. Having a super stacked high end bells and whistles general leading your underdog force of peasents vs a huge enemy army, and winning was one of the greatest feelings ive had from any game. Because you planned 30 turns ahead you just stormed the enemy capital with a force that wouldn't normally be enough to garrison it. But then, having your end bells and whistles general one shotted by an assassin is the risk. I think the option of either stacking or spreading your eggs would be VERY important. Also, just like in Rome, the perks would have to be related to the family members/generals actions in life. 'Bravery/Weak/Sparten/Corrupt/Genius/Lazy/Pious etc. In fact, the more i think of it the more like Crusader Kings it becomes. The concept could be taken in any direction. I hope to hear more about it! (If it is discussed even in the slightest, please let me know!) Glad to see im on the right page regardless
  9. Hullo, I love the concept of the game and before I finished reading the 2nd paragraph I was reaching for my wallet! Just an Idea I had Id like to share. Rome:Total War had a system similar to what I think is being planned for this game. I.E offspring inherit traits from their parents and mold new ones from their surroundings/experiences. But ROME had something over other Total War games, this was in the retinue system. The retinue characters had their own ability's/buffs/debuffs like in all Total War games campaign modes. But crucially in Rome, they could be moved around between characters. So, if your sending your eldest off to fight Germanic barbarians, he might make use of your already acquired Germanic Mercenary Captain, making any Mercenary's you recruit in Germanic lands cheaper. or, say your son needs help governing an unruly province, send him your Personal Jester to help distract them. I think its a decent Idea if you do go down the route of retinue units. Just thought Id share. Peace from the UK Shriven
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