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  1. I was thinking more about 3D vs 2D. I'd really like to see this in 3D. I was thinking about a real-life pinball machine and how it exists in 3D but has an enclosed playing space. E.g. the ball runs along a flat, 2D surface but interacts with 3D obstacles and has a transparent ceiling to stop the ball flying away. I was thinking how this game could also exist within an enclosed playing area with 3D obstacles to interact with and a ceiling that could potentially be used tactically as a way of ricocheting the ball around to try and score. Perhaps we could use an isometric camera angle to allow for the perspective required to utilize this kind of movement?
  2. Likewise, good memories of helping out with Bad Golf! It was a massively ambition project, I'm still amazed at how far we got with it!
  3. 3D playing space could throw up some interesting gameplay elements that 2D would not. For example, ball elevation, what happens if the ball gets lofted out of the arena? To score point you would need to get the ball within a three dimensional "goal" etc
  4. Guys, I need your help! I want to add a chant to a music track I've been working on for the game. The start of the track has a "We Will Rock You" style drum part, I'd like a chant of "BAD GOLF LIVES" to go with it but I don't have a crowd to hand! If you'd like to record yourself chanting it and send it to me I'll mix it into the track. Use the start of the track for the timing: https://soundcloud.com/kyma_uk/bad-golf-rough And send me a link to your recording and I'll add it to the mix. Cheers!
  5. dude holey moley that song is weird? was it done with midi guitars and stuff? sounds ridiculous! lost for words! and yo check the previous pages, I think if theres any one thing we have so many people it isn't programmers its a lot of people that want to do sound. so if you can program, don't hesitate to talk to the other people because we need more programmers for sure you definitely have a leg up on me since you can program so you might be able to find stuff that needs doing that others might not have thought was important or anything. Basically theres plenty room for everyone to use all their skills and you don't need to limit yourself if you don't want to i also love how you wrote "mellow" as the genre for that song! edit: Didn't post this here yet, made a new version last night with DOUBLE BASS just for Patrick Haha, yeah it's pretty weird! And yes those are dodgy MIDI guitars! Bit of background, I've been a member of the Soundclick community for LONG time and every now and then we do little comps. This particular comp was called N00b Alert! The aim was to create a bad track but it still had to convince you that the author truly believed it was good! Any way, since Bad Golf is very tongue in cheek it seemed to fit the bill I am actually a serious musician so if I get the time I'll prob try and come up with some in-game music to complement what you have already done. I didn't realise sound was more popular than programming so I'll certainly take that under consideration, although I've never created anything in Unity and never made a 3D game either. If I get a spare evening in the next few days I'll fork the repo and take a look at what I can contribute. Cheers!
  6. Hi I'm elneilios, I'm from UK and am a professional software developer. I'm most familiar with .NET and C# but have dabbled in many other things. I'm also a musician and have an online presence in the form of Kyma ( ). I can provide either skill to the project although I am a bit limited for time.Btw, I made this little multiplayer game using node.js and HTML5 (hosted on Windows Azure) as an experiment: http://ahhballs.azurewebsites.net/
  7. p.s. if you wanted some more serious sounding pieces, have a trawl through my Soundcloud page and again, feel free to download and use anything you wantSome tracks I thought could fit: (could be looped for menu music)
  8. I love this! I am a programmer also but I think you guys have those coming out of your ears so I'd like to submit something else to you. I am also a musician/composer and naturally, Bad Golf requires some Bad Music. I created an utterly ridiculous piece of hard metal for a competition a while back. I'm thinking it could be part of the soundtrack for Bad Golf?? Have a listen, if you want it, download it and use it with my blessing (give it a minute for the insanity to kick in!). http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_songInfo.cfm?bandID=183977&songID=10820687 I can also compose more music specifically for the project, just give me s short brief and I'll see what I can come up with
  9. Don't worry, kept trying and it's now downloading. Must have just been a bandwidth issue?
  10. I have activated my steam key but when I click install I get the "Preparing Broken Age files for install..." then nothing happens and after a while I get an error message in another dialog box "connection timeout"
  11. Got the key etc, Steam keeps hanging when I try and download though
  12. Wow, seems to have come around really fast! Will the next episode be about the shipping process?
  13. I think a lot of people are being a bit dramatic about this episode. I'm a software developer, this is just how we roll, don't worry about it. Every software project I've ever worked on has needed to have a compromise on features because of time constraints but that doesn't mean we don't get it done. Besides 2PP WANT you to think it's all going tits up because it wouldn't be exciting otherwise, would it?
  14. I backed this project because I was intrigued about the processes involved. It's an opportunity to see how a video game is made, from scratch. So as stated there may be a couple of opportunities to vote on some decisions along the way, which is seriously cool btw, but just the opportunity to gain insight into how a renowned game developer does their thing is worth my support.
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