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  1. I loved the game. But it sure seems that the story is just the beginning. Kinda like the First Hunger Games movie. Also, am I the first one to notice that Marekai is an anagram for Amerika? Couldn't find anything in this thread so far.
  2. I'm also fine with you releasing the documentary. I have my doubts though that it will change much in regards to the negative feedback. If people go to the lengths of getting upset about a video game they might not even have played themselves, it says a lot about their rationality. Complaining about things can give you much more perceived satisfaction than praising things. And also, the promise of another "Tim Schafer Adventure Game" puts a lot of vastly different fantasies into peoples heads. You could never have satisfied them all. I, personally, hoped for a game that went into the direction of Full Throttle. Broken Age is not that. But it might be what other people hoped it would become. This is not a complaint. I'm really curious how the story plays out... I would advocate that kickstarter backers should have no saying in what the game should be, or what you should do. It should just be: Wanna make game, gimme money if you wanna make me make game. Then forget about it for two years. But of course reality doesn't work that way. People get invested. The documentary was very exciting. Go and release it!
  3. I think it's great, that Tim Schafer speaks out for Anita Sarkeesian and against Misogynie in games. I personally cannot enjoy playing games like GTA for that exact fact. Tim Schafer makes games I can enjoy. Nowhere ever have I gotten so much value for 30$ like I did for this kickstarter. Not just a game but a multi-hour documentary. This ongoing criticism is ridiculous. And on top of all, doublefine provides a forum where people post things like this: Haven't had such a great lough in a long time. Thank you.
  4. The Game does not have any audio when I start it from Steam. All volume sliders in the options menu are set to zero. Changing them does not enable audio. If I hover move to the install directory and start the game by running ./run.sh audio works fine. I'm on Archlinux x64 Here are my specs: http://kmfn.de/specs.html
  5. cannot open Linux/Munged/Interactions/SugarBunting/VellasHouse/Scripts/PieClick.ctsn: Success stack traceback: [C] in function 'dofile' e:\_DataBuild\Temp\dfp-dfa-rc\Lua\DataCache.lua:104 in function '_loadData' e:\_DataBuild\Temp\dfp-dfa-rc\Lua\DataCache.lua:43 in function (tail call) ? e:\_DataBuild\Temp\dfp-dfa-rc\Lua\SceneScript.lua:131 in function 'playCutscene' ...ataBuild\Temp\dfp-dfa-rc\Lua\GirlHouseLivingRoom.lua:192 in function 'callback' e:\_DataBuild\Temp\dfp-dfa-rc\Lua\CoNavigator.lua:874 in function ./run.sh: Zeile 10: 2821 Speicherzugriffsfehler (Speicherabzug geschrieben) LD_LIBRARY_PATH=${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}:./lib ./BrokenAge dmesg: [ 3008.339655] BrokenAge[2821]: segfault at 0 ip 000000000852986f sp 00000000ffa94c50 error 6 in BrokenAge[8048000+8f3000] In the "knife looking" scene, the game crashed when I tried to interact with the cakes in the foreground. I'm using ArchLinux x64 Nvidia 331.38 The Game was started from console with ./run.sh Here are my specs: http://kmfn.de/specs.html
  6. Lennart R.


    Did Costume Quest just got released for linux? This is unexpected... It's not installable, but it's definitely there...
  7. Today my list of Linux Games in Steam was reduced from 17 to 9. Among the titles that disappeared was Psychonauts, which I bought twice. One time through Steam, and another time through the Humble Bundle. Does anyone else have this issue?
  8. Look where I got with my Monk. http://bayimg.com/LaiHGAaEP My problem is. I'm playing with a pc (win7) and a controller (xbox360). I have no way to get the "Save and Exit Game option". All I ever get ist the "Drop Player" Option. I think the game uses my keyboard/mouse as player two input. That way, everytime I hit "Esc" it first adds player two, and thus shows "Drop Player" after I hit escape the second time. Having no way to properly exit the game I used "ALT+F4". After loading the monk was back on top of the bridge (I had already passed the monk-bottle-test.) Apart from that: I love this game.
  9. I want to stress this even further. When I'm watching the DFA episodes or amnesia fortnight and I see all the folks at double fine "creating beauty by simply rocking", I really feel like ripping them of. I really don't want to feel that way... it being Christmas and all...
  10. When I backed the kickstarter project, I opted for 30$ because I felt that this was a good price for the game. But after getting multiple hours of video documentary I feel that I already got my moneys worth of entertainment. I wouldn't feel that the whole kickstarter project failed if Reds failed as Tim feared in episode 7. I think that I failed in paying an adequate price for what I already got. There definitely should be a way to pay more money for this game. The only question is how this option should be advertised. I already own all Doublefine games available for my platform. And buying games multiple times does not directly support the development of Reds. Lot's of money goes to the publisher. I want to support Reds directly. I do not care for posters or t-shirts. What I do care for are big and epic storys like Grim Fandango. Therefor I suggest a "Pay for scope" campaign. What do you think?
  11. I'm hoping Linux with Keyboard/Mouse support.
  12. Let's look at this problem from a different perspective. Schafer is crazy enough to attempt two impossible things. 1. Making a better game than his earlier games! 2. Stop information from leaking to the internet. I'd like him to focus on the former, that's why I voted "Free".
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