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  1. Great update, always interesting to read, thanks Anna! I'm interested to see how the dialogue database is accessed in-game, by events or ambient world loops, as well as the user's actions. FMOD is a great tool, I used it in an undergrad project, to play direction sound based on where a person was standing in a room, had a gallery set up that played the themes to various movies when you stood by their posters.
  2. Thanks Tim, this is excellent, I do something similar when doodling, and have been trying to do some writing so will definitely be trying it!
  3. SpanielDayLewis: I love it, that joke book in the inventory is armour isn't it? Unholy Action Forum: It's all about the context-sensitivity, that's SO hot right now. I like the artistic black and white with splash of red
  4. I love to code but game design is somewhat foreign territory for me, have only read online tutorials. I feel like the perspective shown by the DF team, especially the discussion of engine mechanics, and any low-level tools released, would be more than enough to get started on the right road to some fun homebrew
  5. Thanks, I thought it might be fun to play with the info we get I use an Intuos 4, which is a tablet, the monitor is called a Cintique and I'm not rich enough to afford one! I made the lumberjack's legs shorter to make him look shorter and more stock-y, emphasise the broadness
  6. I've been really enjoying watching the creative process Tim and the Double Fine team are going through for DFA, but lately have been feeling a desire to contribute, to show my support. I thought about fan art, for previous games or portraits of the crew, or even an imagined version of the finished DFA, but I decided I'd try my hand at something different that our unique look at the development of the game allows: anti-concept art. Maybe others will join me! I thought it'd be fun to take some of the juicier revealed elements of the game and run with them in the complete wrong direction, inspired by the game industry or just randomly. I call complete dibs on this concept, so uh... Double Fine can't do it Given that the buzz around lumberjacks I figured my first pic would be this: I call it "Gears of Lumber". Now I'm going to go and think about a direction to go with "a boy and a girl in different worlds"
  7. I think, judging from the videos we've seen so far, they have a good balance between sharing and creative freedom. They are very clearly not showing all their cards, which is good because they aren't ready to, and I'm really thankful for the insight I'm seeing so far. They are also clearly doing great work so far, which is encouraging
  8. Really love the art style Lee, excellent to see the mindset behind creating a coherent style
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