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  1. A quite late comeback, but I'd appreciate it if you could elaborate on the reasons for not distributing GOG codes to backers. It was clarified by a GOG staffer here that codes are handed out to devs/ pubs upon request at no cost, so it can't be monetary reasons. And given that most backers are happy with their Steam keys, I'd assume that the logistics shouldn't be that much work either if GOG codes are given out upon request. As I said in my initial post in this thread, a good number of Kickstarter projects have and will provide GOG codes to their backers, and a few were/ are from a lot smaller studios than DF. It'd be highly appreciated if you'd reconsider giving us GOG codes, if not for the time being then at least when Act II is out. Thanks for your time.
  2. One more voice inquiring about (and requesting) GOG codes for backers. A good number of Kickstarter projects have given GOG codes to backers and I've backed a few more that will when they're released. So please, make the required arrangements with GOG ;-)
  3. Sorry to misinform you guys, it doesn't work by copying to another computer... I just checked. Should've checked before, instead of trusting other messages on forum. snip I suppose this aspect won't change on/ after Jan 28. So, not only have I, a DRM-free advocate, ended up supporting a Steam-exclusive release, I'm apparently supporting both Steam-exclusivity and DRM, while my fellow DRM-free proponents and I, backers and non-backers alike, are left in the cold for an unknown period of months. I guess thanks to DF are in order :-P @DF Are you reading our posts? I hope you are and will respond.
  4. And sadly it won't make any difference this time either. I was one of the people that asked for an explicit commitment for a DRM-free release before backing. The fact that the game ended up being episodic doesn't change a thing, their decision to withhold the DRM-free version of Act I when/ after Jan 28 does though as it turned me into a Steam-exclusive supporter. I expect this whole scenario to just be repeated when Act II comes out (or is it magically going to be perfect from the get go?), so yes, we're treated as second-class backers that will end up getting the "finished, polished full" game eventually (around a year from now I fear), while our backing-money was used to exclusively support and promote a delivery (and gaming) platform we oppose to. Anyway, I don't care for all the arguments by people that don't want or can't understand what the heart of the problem is, I'd appreciate some DF input that shows that they understand it (better late than never) and are reconsidering, though Greg's posts leave no room for hope.
  5. LOL. You are being such a drama queen! We were promised: "The finished game in all of its awesome glory DRM free on PC, Mac, and Linux, or via Steam for PC and Mac, exclusive access to the Beta on Steam, access to the video series, and access the private discussion community." Why are you crying? You undoubtedly need to add some points to your reading skills/ stats ;-P Either way, I don't care for a debate with other forum members, I'd appreciate some official DF input to this matter.
  6. It goes beyond not wanting to use Steam (which isn't a small thing anyway, to use Steam you have to accept their terms and there's no way I can do that). By not making Act I available DRM-free when it goes on public sale (i.e. Jan 38 onwards), I'm basically told that I, a DRM-free advocate, spent my money to support Steam-exclusivity. This is wrong on so many levels in regard to my beliefs. On another level, it also sends the message that I'm considered a second-class backer due to my convictions.
  7. I second this position. Not being a steam-hater myself - I have a steam account with very few games - I still understand and support what zaskaggs pointed out in his post. If you are a person with an ethical standpoint against DRM, you will not be able to participate in anything happening from now on without being spoiled, which is, as we all will surely agree, the worst case scenario with a game like this. (I have to admit that "betrayal" is a pretty harsh word though) I agree, i'm disappointed, i chose to support DRM-free games and stopped using steam for new games I buy. One of the way to do this was kickstarter and all the DRM-free promises. Now i'm a little disappointed by the fact that depsite all the wait, i won't be able to play Broken Age until the episode 2 is released. It is a choice from Double Fine, and yes the DRM-free promise in the project was actually the full game but... Learning this the day before the release when nobody never bother to mention this detail is a disappointment. Maybe if i knew this from the start it wouldn't have been but it is. Now I feel that DRM-free is still "a detail to make a few hippies happy" even for developpers like DF, and THIS is disappointing. Anyway, have fun with Broken Age ! Being in complete agreement with these posters, I'd like to express my disappointment for being treated like a second-class backer because of being a DRM-free proponent. I'm specifically talking about being denied a DRM-free, non-Steam standalone copy of Act I when/ after its public, Steam-exclusive release on Jan 28 (http://store.steampowered.com/app/232790/). It's insulting that the people that took no chances or risks via backing DF almost two years ago have higher priority than backers that object to Steam-exclusivity; it's insulting that we are now being pretty much excluded from just about anything Broken Age related until Act II gets released at an undefined later date. It's also quite interesting that 29 pages into this thread, there's no DF answer to this matter. There's also no DF presence in the other thread about this issue which doubles the disappointment. I also find the points of the EULA posted by makomk (http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewreply/316640/) quite disturbing and would appreciate some official word by DF on this matter as well. I'm starting to feel that DF and we have a very different understanding about what Kickstarter stands for. @DF I've been understanding about your decision to turn Broken Age into an episodic game. I've even been understanding about the Early Access thing. But making Act I a Steam-exclusive for an unknown period of time goes beyond my understanding and collides with my convictions - had this been known at the time of the Kickstarter, I would have not backed you. There's still time to reconsider your stance on this and prove to us that you care to treat all your backers equally.
  8. Sadly, there are backers of Broken Age who have consciously decided to not watch a single episode of the documentary, to never check out any of the progress threads, to never express their opinion or thoughts on the game and now complain on other boards that they have gotten nth for the money they pledged and blame DF for breaking every promise they made because all they ever wanted from the beginning was that #300K adventure game to be delivered by Oct. 2012. Yep, and I didn't make that up.
  9. It has to be said: Kickstarter is the worst way to buy a game ever. You pay up front and you have no idea what you're getting or when you're getting it. You don't even really have a strong guarantee THAT you'll get it. To me, KS has always been a sort of micro-investment that could pay off with a very special game that might not exist otherwise, or could just end up as a loss. I would never pay something for a Kickstarter that I wasn't prepared to lose, and people treating it like a store need to adjust their expectations. Funny, I was just debating the exact same thing on another forum.
  10. I'm not really sure this is the way things will end up, Bidiot Bales. If it indeed is, it does give non-backers incentive to get it through Steam Early Access and DF can keep the current price tag on it. But as Frogacuda, a couple of others and myself already pointed out, the latest EDT from Tim's message are worrysome given that there's no data to support how it's practically possible to complete the game by May 2014 or how the time span between Act I and Act II is reduced to 3-4 months. If that EDT fails, there's a good chance that the funding problem will reccur in about 7-8 months and what's worse the public image of DF will be severely damaged. DF needs to make a serious effort to convince the new EDT is reallistic and that all will pan out. And speaking of DF's efforts - I hope DF has been using the time since the last update to put down a thought through and viable plan and are going to make an announcement soon, like right after the weekend; five days is more than enough Internet time to create serious damage and things outside this forum are not looking good inspite the efforts of backers and supporters. The more harsh criticism comes from people that haven't backed Broken Age, but those are the very people that don't care for analysis and insights like the one from Stoic - it was aslo posted in other forums but made no difference, in fact it was conveniently overlooked. Sure, they made mistakes, some more serious than others, and I'm sceptical about at least some of the handling; still, it's not all balck & white but the outsiders don't give a dime about that. So DF, your move.
  11. Is this still open? If it has to be a key, I'd say Enter as in "I order you to quickly reach the end of the cutscene". If you could invoke it through the game menu, that would be nice as well.
  12. I get the impression that the problem is bigger than just the funding of the last 3-4 months needed to complete the last part of the game. How the considered approach leads to the latest estimated ETD is a bit confusing (at least to me) because, inspite of the update and Tim's message, it's still not clear how much work, time and money are needed to get Act I to a final release state and from there to the conclusion of the story (Act II). If Jan. 2014 is the time that Broken Age Act I will be publicly available on Steam Early Access then it means that: -- the next 6 months will be used to get it to some kind of beta state, -- DF has the means to cover the costs of that development time but not beyond beta state, -- part of the sales on Steam Early Access is going into getting Act I into final release state. But if Jan. 2014 is the time it hits final release state then it means that: -- it'll be publicly available on Steam Early Access sooner (unclear when exactly), -- it is much closer to some kind of beta state or DF will run out of funds in less than 6 months and must get it there in a shorter time span, -- part of the sales on Steam Early Access is going into getting Act I into final release state. Whatever the case, it doesn't really make any sense to put Act I on Steam Early Access when it's done and finished (i.e. if DF can finance the development time needed for its final release) - if they market Broken Age as a Tale in Two Acts, then they could just put it on pre-order or for sale. This in turn leads me to the conclusion that part of the sales on Steam Early Access is needed to finance the completion of Act I. That's why I think the financial shortcome is much bigger. If I got this wrong and Act I will go on Steam Early Access in a completed state, then it has to mean that: -- DF has all the means to complete Act I, -- the work that will lead to the final release is only the work needed for Act II, -- it's still one game and it makes no sense to put it up as Act I, -- every one that gets it on Steam Early Access will get the full game (both parts). If this is indeed the case, one has to wonder how much money DF needs for Act II (which is more like 1/3 of the game by their saying). But I didn't get the impression that we're talking about this senario. I still think DF needs a backup plan or better yet an additional plan they can run concurrently, because if Steam Early Access falls short, in 7-8 months we'll be at the same point we're today, but with no alternative plan to remedy the situation.
  13. Is it really that hard for people to understand that the $400K game evolves in scope and design when you have $3M? Can we please at least stop with this nonsensical "you asked for $400K and got $3M and still went over-budget..." comparison?
  14. Got the email – read Tim’s message, went to Kickstarter – read comments, came here – watched the episode. What a nightmare First off – Broken Age will kick a**!! The little that was shown screams of high production value. Big thanks to every single person on the team! Now to the thorny subject. @Tim I think you did yourself and DF a disservice with that message. The wording sends a negative and convoluted message to anyone that gets a chance to read it but not watch Episode #10. Frankly, even after watching Episode #10, things are still not quite clear to me. You talk about splitting the game into two parts and putting part one onto Steam Early Access – btw, I had to look up what that is. It’s possible that I got things wrong, but here’s my take after putting together Tim’s message, the Episode and what Valve says about Steam Early Access. 1. Steam Early Access is about “immediate access to games that are being developed with the community's involvement” and “a full purchase of a playable game. By purchasing, you gain immediate access to download and play the game in its current form and as it evolves up and through 'release'.” If you’re sure about this move, it’s apparent that whatever you put up on Steam Early Access needs to be a “complete” game in and of itself that will see a final release. And that leads to the inevitable split of the game into two episodes or acts that will have to be sold separately to the public. This approach has three major aspects to consider. 1. With the leak of this update and Tim’s message, it’s harder to do this in an elegantly marketable way – on the one side, it’s good that DF is being honest about the whole situation and they’ll have to stand by it, yet on the other it demonstrates poor business sense to have designed a game from the start to go over-budget. You need to start reintroducing Broken Age as a Tail in Two Acts in a positive light a.s.a.p. – consider adding a catchy tag line to each Act. The fans are already out doing their part, but you got to do some official smart damage control. 2. You have to come through with your latest EDT, otherwise I’m afraid you’re putting at risk not only the sustainability of this project but of the studio as well. So before any move, do the math right. 3. You need to come up with a fair asking price for each Act – fair as in to not piss off more people or the backers. And while we’re talking about the business end of things, it would be a smart idea to have a backup plan or more than one plan in case this Steam Early Access approach falls short. Have you thought about this? @Tim As a side note, I admire your passion and your desire & ability to dream big (as a gamer, I can only benefit from them), but never forget that you also run a dev. studio/ company, i.e. a number of people depend on you to still have a job tomorrow. In other words, there needs to be at least one person with the absolute authority and capability to force-land the creative team into reality whenever necessary. Not saying you should dream small, but having someone to ring the alarm on a step by step basis may keep things more manageable. Just my two cents. ----- And now that I’m done offering my “wisdom”, could someone shed some more clarity to the following? 1. How is it possible, even with Steam Early Access to move completion of development of the whole game from 2015 to 2014? Have you already cut down the original scope or have you worked some other kind of magic that makes this feasable? 2. Will backers get it in two parts or will there be a final one-piece release? 3. Will the completed game still be released DRM-free on DF and/ or other digital stores, like for example GOG, or will this new direction tie it exclusively to Steam? 4. Since the final release is taking a lot more time, what’s the plan for the documentary? Now, stop avoiding meetings and go and make some smart decisions.
  15. Is this still live? Ok, here are some ideas: - Underneath Lake & and Supervolcano Toba. - Inside Qin Shi Huang's Mausoleum (along with all the Terracotta Warriors & Horses and the rest). - In a bamboo forest (like in House of Flying Daggers). - Outside/ inside/ around a bar & gas station out in the middle of the desert (like in Romeo Is Bleeding). - At the Siena's Palio Horse Race. - At the ancient coastal passage of Thermopylae (Hot Gates). - Inside Melissani Lake/ Cave & Drogarati Cave. - In a city like Zion (Matrix). Need to think about interior locations.
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