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    Yes, I'm a SKELETON and I WALK AMONG THE LIVING. Don't hit on me you silly humans~ No, but seriously, I'm a 19 year old game dev student in Chile. I know I'm wasting money studying a useless career like "Game Design", but who cares? It's fun. Fun things are fun. oh god what have i done this was a terrible idea
  1. Ugh, I have grown sick of Nolan North. His voice shall follow me to my grave. I'd be interested in seeing some new talent strutting their stuff in the Adventure. Find a hobo with a beautiful voice and say "HEY! Come make some silly games with us! And voice em too!"
  2. I tend to see money as a magical "do everything great" substance. With 3 million, I expect Tim to fly to my house on a flaming unicorn made of jets to personally deliver the finished product, which will be so incredible that my eyes will literally explode, causing me to go blind shortly before dying a horrific and painful death. But that's just wishful thinking. I'm fine with anything, and Double Fine has yet to make a game that people have seen as "bad". So don't worry about it, ya GOOF.
  3. Involved enough so I can brag to my friends about it. "How many AAA adventure games did YOU help?" Nah, I kid. I'm content with sitting back and watching something spectacular happen.
  4. I don't own an Xbox 360. Am I...Am I missing out on something MAGICAL?
  5. Pajama Sam 2: Thunder and Lightning aren't so Frightening. ...Yes.
  6. Currently pledging 30 dollars to Wasteland 2. Many thanks for telling me about Banner Saga. Will definitely pledge a dollar or 20.
  7. Timothy, No, thank YOU. Hugs and kisses, Diplomacide
  8. Pixel or hand-drawn. I've noticed that many 3D adventure games have less personality than 2D ones (With the huge exception of Sam and Max, but then again, they started off in 2D). 2D art allows for more exaggeration and stuff.
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