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  1. Ok, Just stated the game and had crash after 5 minutes of playing. I've chosen the boy character, went trough eating breakfast sequence and then there was the alarm sequence where I've chosen to investigate the foreign body. The present jump on my face, cutscene played, game went back to playable mode for only a second, black screen came up, then Suddenly I was in a dinner again being feed with some food from tube, then black screen again with looped second of sound in the background and my whole pc just stopped responding. Specs: i5 2500 sandy, 16gb ram, gt560, gigabyte z68, 60gb ssd, win7 64bit, Focusrite Scarlett Audio Interface
  2. Is this doublefine adventure game, or is it something else? Edit@ Ok i get it. Sorry for coming across as a troll. Just got confused.
  3. Not sure if I'm happy with the gameplay direction. Art style is lovely, but i was expecting something more classical ( as it was pitched ) and this feels like Limbo/Prince of Persia with colorful graphics.
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