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  1. Billboard Quest - progression bug (fixed)

    Thanks Bert. That got it.
  2. Billboard Quest - progression bug (fixed)

    where is the grubbin elder? Seems to be a lot of elders floating around, i want to make sure i have the right one.
  3. I made the mistake of fully exploring everything in downtown before starting the first speakesy quest. This seems to have triggered a bug where i cannot progress past 3/4 deliveries on the "elite speak easy deliveries" quest. Reading online, im supposed to talk to "crestwailer elder" and/or the "trowbag elder" at the dance floor to get some kind of billboard quest. I have tried jefferson on both but dont get the quest. ( one talks about cars pouring in and the other whines about a slap in the beak.) Am i doing something stupid or is my save screwed. I'm on Xbox One so i cannot email my save to support.