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  1. The other half of the editors are indeed python scripts that function as plugins for 2HB, our internal development tool, but they wouldn't be usable outside of Double Fine because of dependencies on things like our source control setup and our internal network layout, which is why we didn't ship them with the game. We'd love to eventually release 2HB and the plugins for it, but it would take some serious engineering effort untangling the dependencies and making it something that could function for someone not physically on the Double Fine network, and everyone's fully occupied working on games right now! What would actually be easier would be to replace the python script with some in-game Lua code that allowed you to build layouts directly from inside the game; it could even reuse the visualization parts that we shipped already. This is on my list to get to eventually, but I don't have an ETA for when it would be ready. In the meantime, if someone in the community wanted to noodle with the code, I bet they could get pretty far. The .layout file format is very simple and I'd be happy to answer questions if people ran into roadblocks.
  2. Sad to say, we didn't actually encode any secret messages in that. That's a really good idea, though. Maybe we can patch one in down the road!
  3. You all did great This was my favorite puzzle to watch get worked out. I learned new things about BWT from the thoughtful observations you were making, and your collective cleverness gave me new ideas...
  4. Wow, you have all done such a great job analyzing the important features of the text - features I didn't even consider but are totally important in determining what the text is. I put another hint on the site for you all. Of course, it is, in turn, a little cryptic...
  5. The short answer is that I did this research pretty quick. It's AF But WebM has the following caveat on their webpage: That scared me off of trying to integrate it into our engine in two weeks. We're cross-platform but most of us do development in Visual Studio, so stuff that already has Visual Studio projects is going to be a lot easier for us to integrate. I hadn't heard of Dirac before, but I probably still would've tried Theora first. I've used ogg and vorbis on personal projects in the past and I was pleased with the code quality. Ease of integration is important to me for an AF project.
  6. I *think* those two rows are fine in their original ordering, actually. If they're swapped either way, I think the error correction deals with it. Congratulations on solving it, though! You're certainly the first to report a correct solution!
  7. For the record, we did make some typographical errors when we posted the puzzle. First, the missing vertical column seven, which has already been discovered and corrected for. Second, the horizontal row that reads "2 5" should read "2 5 1" The second issue is more serious than the first. Fixing it won't take you all the way, though. There will be work left to be done once you've taken the nonogram as far as you can. Sorry for unintentionally making this puzzle extra hard - hopefully these corrections should put you guys on the right track!
  8. Our art team is Mark Hamer, Say Oh, and Razmig Mavlian. In the announcement image, Mark did the character design, Say did her sprite companion, and Raz did the glyph room. They're all amazing.
  9. It's official! We're making a full version of Hack 'n' Slash! Here's the press release and here's the game's website!
  10. Thanks for the kind words, flesk! They give me warm fuzzy feelings
  11. I'd love to get a Linux version on Steam at some point! This was just a little spare time project for me because I'm a Mac user at home, so it was easy for me to noodle on. If I wind up with a quiet weekend sometime in the future, I'd enjoy setting up a Linux partition and hammering on it. I can't make any promises on timeline, though; this one obviously took me quite a while to finish off! Did you see this thread, though? People have already had some luck getting it to work in an unofficial capacity.
  12. Hey folks, I think I may have worked out the configuration details that were preventing this from working. Mind giving it another shot?
  13. Yep, just assorted bugfixes. No content changes. It runs fullscreen by default now too. The assets are actually all painted at 4x resolution, so the game looks really nice on large displays.
  14. 'Cause I ported it to Mac It should work! Feel free to give it a shot.
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