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  1. Just wanted to add my big thank you DF and 2PP for the game and the documentaries!! It was an amazing 3 years ride!
  2. Great episode, as always. Thank you guys and gals for the hard work! And thank you for having shared all the highs and lows of this incredible "Double Fine's Adventure". Watching the documentary through all these years was like having some good friends on the opposite side of the planet...so it was really sad to know about the layoffs. I wish all the best to the people who had to leave the studio! I also hope there will be other documentaries or team-streams "a la" Massive Chalice in the future. Now it's time to play Broken Age, again... :-)
  3. Wow...now I need a picture of Ray and Camden to put on my nightstand.
  4. I've just finished to play Act 1 and loved every single bit of it! Thank you Tim, thank you REDS team and all the people at DF and 2PP. Can't wait to play and see what will happen in act 2!
  5. Wow, the Vella trailer is amazing! Congrats, guys!!! (...too bad my ISP will leave me without any Internet connection for a day and a half...)
  6. Thanks, John! Also "Teamstream #8 Part 1" video seems to have missed the beginning of the chat...
  7. Awesome episode, as always! Hope to see a full length documentary on the style of "Indie Game: The Movie" at the end of all this. Keep up guys!
  8. Now I AM kinda worried and suprised concerning the current situation... Yeeesss! The good old Teutonic efficiency! :-) Please, nobody tells that to the French of Quantic Deam (they "burned" € 16.7 million to make Heavy Rain) or they might take offense... I live in Europe and..."now I AM kinda worried and suprised concerning the current situation..." - I'm joking guys... :-) -
  9. Hey, maybe some fellow backers need to refocus on the situation...we are going to have a bigger, better (and funnier :- ) adventure game from a master of the genre...and this is a thing that would not have been possible without our support. Also, in times of trouble friends help each other, not complain each other...so Tim, Greg and rest of the team: go ahead and cut that lovely beast in two tender parts! Time to watch Brad's first teamstream :-)
  10. I also want to add my "love letter" to you guys, you're just...awesome! I'm a self employed software developer working most of the time alone in my little office on the other side of the planet (well, almost...) Always wished to become a game developer I ended up programming and maintaining some boring ERP software systems...and guys It's hard, I can tell you! During these past days I worked keeping the AF videos playing in one of my monitors, and...it was like if I was constantly surrounded by a bunch of cool, incredibly talented co-workers who were doing lots of amazing stuff while having fun! It was so amazing... So thank you guys for sharing AF with us! Keep it up! P.S. I can't wait to play your games! I really can't call them "prototypes"
  11. The Knockover! Build a crew, set up a plan and watch the heist...go wrong, then repeat from the start! ;-)
  12. So many great ideas from you guys! It was hard to pick only four (I know I could have voted for more...but I forced myself to choose only my four favourite candidates), my votes were for: The Knockover I loved the "fresh setting" (I mean different, not inflated...sorry but english is not my native language) and the fact that the player is only focused on the strategic elements of the gameplay and not on "furious movements of units on a map"...I'd really love to have a game like this on my mobile phone/tablet (Android), easy to play with non trivial decisions to make. The White Birch and The Black Lake I love games where a good, deep, immersive story is mixed with action gameplay elements, like Limbo, Braid and...Psychonauts! Also, the stories of "the WHITE birch" and "the BLACK lake" seemed to be mysteriously and magically bound together... Bragging and Fighting A brilliant and funny concept that promised a lot of laughs!
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