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  1. Costume Quest 2!!

    A sequel of a DF game ! Glad to hear the news.
  2. Thanks for the video. I always enjoy the sidequests and I think it is a great idea to have them between "regular" episodes.
  3. Another excellent sidequest. Thanks a lot and keep them coming!
  4. Finally got to play the prototype. Absolutely love the mood and the Ico vibe, congrats to the team! I really hope you have the chance to turn this into a fleshed out game.
  5. Rewards Going Out!

    There is reason for optimism, got my stuff here in Switzerland today without any interference from the customs. They are usually very picky. I keep saying that I didn't back for the rewards, but I'm very pleased with the packet .
  6. That was an interesting read, thanks a lot. Love to read behind the scenes info like this.
  7. Nice update, thanks. It is especially interesting for me as an occasional Photoshop user.
  8. Rewards Going Out!

    Agreed, the Swiss customs can be very picky. Can't wait for it though.
  9. Yep, not too bad for 8 mio inhabitants. Nice to see another Swiss backer .
  10. Interesting info, thanks for posting. This is exactly the kind of behind the scenes info I hoped to see during the development.
  11. Jane Jensen's Kickstarter

    Saw it that morning, pledged without hesitation. While I'm afraid that Kickstarter might become a bubble, I love the fact that projects like this appear there.
  12. Should the game carry a message?

    Agreed. Don't forget that Stacking also includes messages about the industrialization.
  13. POLL: Are there too many polls?

    No way. I'm Swiss, so I love to vote for everything
  14. Introduce Yourselves!

    Great read everyone, nice to see so many different people around here. To myself: My name is Christoph from beautiful Bern, Switzerland. I'm a 25 years old PhD student in Virology/Biochemistry (no, you can't eat that) and a passionate gamer. Played almost all LucasArts adventures and many of the point & click adventures from the last few years. Can't wait to see where this promising project is going.
  15. What is your native language?

    @Goomanone and John Preston: Nice to see some other Swiss people here. I'm not surprised that many Germans are around here, considering the popularity of adventure games there.