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  1. If you look at one of my earlier posts, I wrote an example of how the "i"s in Divide could represent the two children.
  2. Man oh man. I keep looking at this and a tear comes to my eye when I think it could've possibly been The Divide.
  3. Thanks for letting us get involved Tim. Hope you're happy with whatever it does end up being :] Much love for Divide
  4. I agree with you on that we don't truly know the game. The Divide could be perfect title, it may not. Only Tim and crew really know. I'm just happy to see my little contribution make it so far. There is a reason why I didn't start describing why I chose the name. I have my reasons, and Tim will pick the title for his reasons. It seems to resonate with most people without a description anyways. Overall, this allowance of participation is fantastic and I'm only happy to have been part of it.
  5. This is really awesome! Hope everyone sees this second poll so deep in the thread. Still representing my submission, The Divide Everyone should vote, no matter your choice. The end result doesn't have to be the name of the game, but it could stir something up in Tim's noggin. Good luck!
  6. Well...I tried to go to bed, but that wasn't happening. Just have to put this out there: Divide could work for a logo too. Take the "i"s in the title and make them represent the boy and girl. They're also separated by one letter. Divide Okay, good night!
  7. I have to say, this is incredible. For everyone who posted a suggestion, congratulations. Tim is letting us be part of the creative process for a real game and it feels great. This is exactly why I backed the project. I graduate in May and it looks like I'll become the game designer for a company I've interned at for 4 years and couldn't be happier. This whole "behind the scenes" experience is exactly what I was hoping to get from backing. Thank you Tim! Loving the support for Divide, but lets all hope somewhere in this forum, Tim finds what he thinks is the best for the game. Good luck everyone!
  8. Ha, I already posted that on the first page. It's had a remarkable following though. I agree with you, good title! ;P
  9. Funny that you mention that. I could write down all my thoughts on what The Divide could mean and in relation to the game as we know it so far, but, I thought it'd just be better if everyone took it their own way. I like that more so. For example, you started hinting at it yourself!
  10. I really like The Divide. dont post often but i was thinkin about this and i like it perhaps even dropping the The to just make it Divide. sorta a noun and verb thing all at once I was thinking about that too. Any take on the word really. Divide would work nicely. Again, all this lovely support is making me smile ear to ear. :]
  11. Wow, thanks for the support everyone! Even if this isn't chosen, it's sure making my night!
  12. My submission is The Divide. Hope this helps or creates some inspiration. All in all I want this game to have a fitting title. Good luck Tim!
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