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  1. i'd love to see it on my ouya.
  2. good god please don't use telltale's last two offerings as an example of good ui. qte is absolutely no way to make an adventure game.
  3. i want a new series. while i love tim schafer and ron gilbert's existing material i'm in this for new characters.
  4. stephen russell would pile on the awesome.
  5. went with dvd. i see no reason to re-buy everything i already own when dvd quality is already good enough for me.
  6. awesome work. really hope you continue.
  7. meh. lsl had some funny bits don't get me wrong. i just don't think it needs a remake. i'd much rather al lowe make something new.
  8. i supported this kickstarter for one reason: when jane isn't under the thumb of her publisher she makes incredible games. i have no doubt that she will make an epic adventure game.
  9. i will only play a game on a console (xbox 360) if the publisher insists on including crazy drm schemes. i'm looking at you, EA. otherwise it's PC all the way.
  10. i definitely would like to see them. there's gotta be some classic tim humor in the failed video.
  11. as long as the final boss isn't some ethereal child that screws you out of all satisfaction no matter what you do then yeah sure whatever.
  12. while i support to idea of multiple endings, i've yet to see a game do it the way i expect. in this case i'm okay with a single ending. i don't need to control the story i just need to experience it. non-linear puzzles are where it's at for me in an adventure game.
  13. i'm perfectly fine with how cmi went down even if it wasn't ron gilbert's vision. love that game. emi, however, you can be as vicious as you like with it. horrible game.
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